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New Behind The Scenes Last Of Us Photos Show The Game Come To Life

The critically acclaimed (via Metacritic) and beloved survival game "The Last of Us" is finally loading up to be adapted for television, and fans are chomping at the bit to get a look at what's in store. So far, every announcement has suggested that this could become a must-watch TV show, given the cast and creative force behind it. The game's creator, Neil Druckmann, is developing the story for the small screen alongside "Chernobyl" scribe, Craig Mazin, and the game's iconic characters are being played by "The Mandalorian" Pedro Pascal, along with another "Game of Thrones" veteran, Bella Ramsay.

Described by Mazin himself as "The Laurence of Arabia of video games" (via Indiewire), "The Last of Us" is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has left humanity in tatters. Overwhelmed by a fungus that turns people into ravenous monsters, Joel (Pascal) is a smuggler whose newest cargo happens to be Ellie (Ramsay), a young girl that needs to be escorted across the ruins of the U.S. The game provided a detailed and hellish landscape to maneuver through, with all manner of horrific inhabitants threatening the journey. Now, following recently leaked photos behind the scenes of the upcoming show, it's confirmed we're going to get the same type of ruined setting we've come to expect in the games.

The end of the world looks amazing in The Last of Us

Through some sneaky shots on Twitter (via ComingSoon), the first look of Edmonton transformed into a barren United States are on show, and they look remarkably accurate. Various cars and buses look to have been overrun with plant life, as is the expected order of things when the world ends. Besides the rather bleak-looking cityscape, a glimpse of Pascal and Ramsay has also been caught close to the set. Given the filming getting well underway, don't be surprised if a Clicker or two (the iconic monsters of the franchise) will be making their debut sometime soon, as well.

Seeing such familiar sights can only be a positive bit of assurance for fans of the game that can't wait to see this world brought to life. Not just an intense and heart-pounding bit of horror survival, "The Last of Us" also boasts one of the most emotional stories that comes with a loading bar. Let's hope they manage to make the transfer successfully when "The Last of Us" is expected to arrive on HBO in 2022.