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The Bike Deal That Cost The American Pickers Almost $100k

People love old stuff, and it's far from uncommon for this love to manifest itself in the form of nostalgia. This phrase is typically used in the entertainment industry, particularly when it comes to the announcement of projects that bring back a beloved property years after it initially bid the fans farewell. However, for the "American Pickers" team, nostalgia takes on a whole new meaning — one that involves scouring most of the continental United States for hidden antique treasures and purchasing them from folks looking to sell.

For over a decade at this point, hosts Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and formerly Frank Fritz have worn their adoration for days gone by on their sleeves. They've looked everywhere from storage units to homes for worn-out, rusty, and sometimes broken pieces of Americana that they deem worthy of joining the inventory of their Antique Archaeology stores. This can mean cracking open the pocketbook for something as simple as a pole and bracket combo or paying a hefty sum for a replica Yoda puppet, but if it's up their alley, money is no object.

One of the most prolific kinds of items to pop up on "American Pickers" is classic motorcycles. Wolfe and Fritz don't hide their appreciation of them, hence why they happily paid almost $100,000 once on a bike-related deal.

The Pickers walked away with an incredible haul

Season 17 played host to one of the biggest buys in "American Pickers" history, specifically in the appropriately-named episode, "The $90,000 Question." Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveled to Oregon to meet with Zane Leeks and his mother, Linda, to pick through their family collection of over 150 vehicles. While the numerous classic cars kept the duo's interest for much of their tour, it wasn't until the sellers noted that there were a bunch of antique bikes strewn about the property too — a note that had Wolfe and Fritz's wallets crying out in fear.

Upon looking over some of the more rare motorcycles, the "Pickers" hosts knew they had to deliberate and figure out a financial strategy. Sure, some of the pieces were remarkable and must-have, but how plausible was it that they walk away with the ones they want without breaking the bank? Apparently, it was more doable than one would imagine, seeing as they spent a whopping $90,550 on several early 20th century bikes — including a 1922 Ace four-cylinder and a 1931 Indian four-cylinder — and various other finds. 

This time around, the "American Pickers" team hit the motherload when it comes to vintage motorcycles. Though they rarely spend such a monstrous amount in one sitting, at the end of the day, for this collection, they knew as well as anyone that it was worth the monetary hit.