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Why A Pole And Bracket Deal Was A Major Find On American Pickers

"American Pickers" went from just another reality series to one of History's biggest titles, rivaling the likes of "Pawn Stars" and "Ancient Aliens." At the time of this writing, the show is up to 22 seasons and has left the 300 episode mark in the dust, giving viewers plenty to enjoy as more installments come together. But, what is it about the program that has allowed it to stay on the air for so long, consistently keeping fans entertained week in and week out? Well, to put it simply, as long as there's junk around, the pickers are in business.

Since 2010, the "American Pickers" team has done what so many of us need to do but rarely find the time to: clean out our old stuff. Whether it's a shed, storage unit, or even a tree in some cases, Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and formerly Frank Fritz are happy to sift through it all and take a piece or two off peoples' hands — providing them with a decent payout to boot. The best part is that so long as it has some kind of value to them or catches their attention, they're more than willing to negotiate on even the most inconspicuous of trinkets.

This point is well-supported by one instance where Wolfe and Fritz just had to get their hands on an antique pole and bracket.

They're rarely found together

In a Season 12 bonus clip from "American Pickers," titled "Original Pringle," Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traversed the state of Iowa — the home of the first of two Antique Archaeology locations — in search of long-buried treasures. Their travels brought them to the home of a collector named Marty, whose impressive collection of roughly 51 classic racecars drew the guys in for a look. However, none of these run-down vehicles went home with the "Pickers" duo, with them taking back a couple of small yet strong finds instead.

The first catch of the visit came in the form of an old fishing rod reel which Fritz paid Marty $5 for, but it didn't take long for Wolfe to grab something of his own. Leaning on a nearby barn was a slightly worn pole and bracket that almost immediately tickled his fancy. As he explained, it's not so easy finding pole and bracket combos since they typically end up separated at some point. Wolfe then asked Marty if he'd want to let it go, and, considering he was looking for one a bit bigger, he was happy to sell it for $225.

Not every find on "American Pickers" is glamorous, nor does it fetch an insane price. There's nothing wrong with a nice, simple find now and again, especially if it's something like a pole and bracket set that's difficult to track down in decent condition.