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Daniel Spellbound - What We Know So Far

The fantasy genre continues to be popular on TV, as both kids and adults love to live vicariously through magic-using characters. To give two examples, HBO Max is working on two new Harry Potter shows — a live-action series, as well as the unscripted quiz show "The Sorcerer's Stone," in honor of that book's 20th anniversary. However, one upcoming show that's hoping to bring a fresh take to the wizard genre is "Daniel Spellbound," an American-Canadian animated series created by prolific children's content creator Matt Fernandes. The big draw here is that unlike most other titles in the fantasy genre, this one takes place in the real world, modern-day New York City, and it celebrates urban culture and diversity.

"We're very excited to finally announce a project that we developed and pitched over three years ago, and couldn't be happier to be producing it with Netflix," said John Rutherford of Boat Rocker Studios. "Matt and I always envisioned this story would inspire kids and families around the world and it's incredible to now see these magical worlds come to life. We look forward to unveiling this show to the world (via Comic Book)."

Here's everything we know so far about "Daniel Spellbound."

What is the release date for Daniel Spellbound?

As reported by Variety, "Daniel Spellbound" will debut worldwide on Netflix some time in 2022. That's admittedly not very specific, but we can narrow down the release window based on the statuses of Netflix's other children's animated series set to debut next year.

Netflix currently has nine cartoon series slated to premiere in 2022. First up is the superhero show "Action Pack," which will drop in Jan. 2022. Up next is "Trico," a show about a retired sheep who protects other sheep from a wolf, which is scheduled for "early 2022." Three more series are listed for a spring 2022 release — "Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space," a fantasy hero series, as well as "Big Tree City," an animal-themed rescue show, and "The Creature Cases," about a pair of animal detectives.

"Daniel Spellbound" is one of four kids' cartoons that are also listed for a general 2022 release, but don't have a more specific release window. Those include: "CoComelon Lane," a lighthearted show about growing up, "Deepa & Anoop," about a girl and her elephant best friend, and "Sonic Prime," about everyone's favorite speedy blue hedgehog.

So, unless "Daniel Spellbound" gets moved up in the release schedule, it probably won't premiere until summer 2022 at the earliest. Once Netflix releases more information about its plans for kids' programming in 2022 and beyond, we'll have a clearer idea (via What's On Netflix).

Who is in the cast for Daniel Spellbound?

At this point, no casting announcements have been made for "Daniel Spellbound." Netflix also hasn't shared breakdowns of the main characters, so at this point it's not even clear who might be voicing them.

So far, the only talent announced is behind the camera. The show is created by Matt Fernandes, who's created several children's shows before. Those include: "Top Wing" for Nick Jr. and Treehouse TV, "Max & Ruby" for Nickelodeon and Treehouse TV, "Kingdom Force" for CBC Kids and Universal Kids, and "Dino Ranch" for CBC Kids and Disney Junior. He also developed the CBC Kids series "Dot."

Fernandes is also executive producing via his Toronto-based Industrial Brothers studio, along with Arthur Spanos and Tammy Semen. Industrial Brothers is co-producing with Netflix and Boat Rocker Studios. Boat Rocker's producers on this project include Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier, Jon Rutherford and Chapman Maddox. Additionally, Merrill Hagan will be serving as executive story editor (via Deadline).

What is the plot of Daniel Spellbound?

As reported by Variety, "Daniel Spellbound" is about a boy who makes his living as a tracker for wizards and witches, locating magical ingredients to use in their elixirs. It takes place in modern-day New York City — where magic is invisible to everyone except magic users. The story begins when Daniel discovers a "strange ingredient," which brings him into conflict with a group of alchemists who threaten to destroy their magical world.  

"I wanted to create a contemporary fantasy world that reflected urban culture — not just set in a magical world, but where the magic is woven into the fabric of modern society, only hidden in plain sight," Fernandes told Variety. "I had always been curious about how wizards actually acquired the strange ingredients for their spells. Is there a corner store that has them? And who is the guy that finds all that weird stuff? From that point, Daniel Spellbound was born."