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Watch A New Trailer For Jessica Chastain's Spy Thriller The 355

"The 355" is an upcoming, star-studded espionage thriller from producer and star Jessica Chastain. She developed the film — which focuses on a team of cool female spies — as an answer to the dearth of female action heroes in the spy thriller genre (via Deadline). The "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Interstellar" star is just one part of the creative power behind "The 355," too. The Simon Kinberg-directed movie features an international all-star cast that includes Lupita Nyong'o, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, Fan Binbing, and Sebastian Stan. The latter will presumably trade his "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" heroics for a distant second fiddle, considering what Chastain has said about the movie's themes.

"My goals and dreams for 'The 355' is that we just accept the fact that women are awesome and tough and badass," Chastain said of the project. "I'm excited for society to start acknowledging what's happening in our world." 

The first official trailer for the movie arrived way back in October 2020, and fans of nuanced agent action are no doubt waiting to hear more. Fortunately, the wait is finally over, and the new trailer for Jessica Chastain's spy thriller "The 355" is here. 

The new trailer for the 355 introduces the team

The new trailer for "The 355" opens by revealing the secret behind the movie's title, as Chastain's CIA agent Mace Brown explains a fellow spy (Stan) that "Agent 355" was the designated code of a female spy who served under George Washington. From that point on, the viewer is treated to a rapid introduction of several international superstar agents, including Marie (Kruger), Khadijah (Nyong'o), Graciela (Cruz), and Lin Mi Sheng (Bingbing), who team up to vanquish a villain who aims to plunge the world into war and chaos.  

The trailer contains a fair amount of action that showcases each character's specific skillset, and highlights the movie's increasingly personal stakes, as well as the team's initial struggle to trust each other. However, the very last seconds show that whoever they're up against will be in massive trouble, as the trailer returns to its very first scene ... only now, all five women face Stan's character, and you find out they've decided to call their team The 355 to honor that first female espionage expert. 

The trailer takes care to avoid spilling the beans on any major plot points beyond the basic premise, so the viewer still doesn't know just what twists and excitement the movie has in store — but this new trailer for "The 355" sure makes the movie seem like a must-watch.