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The Worst Path You Can Take In Netflix's Escape The Undertaker

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Netflix's "Escape the Undertaker"

Did you read a lot of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books as a kid? Are you a fan of wrestling? How about both? Well, if you're also a fan of Halloween, Netflix has a fun trifecta of a show for you. It's called "Escape the Undertaker," and it follows Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods (aka 11-time WWE tag team champions The New Day) as they make their way through a spooky mansion to retrieve The Undertaker's magical urn and become unstoppably powerful. 

It's an interactive experience, akin to "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch," so you'll have to pay attention and click on the screen when prompted. Or you could just let the clock run out and have Netflix choose for you; we won't judge. Either way, it's a good dose of spooky fun that the whole family can enjoy. We've already talked about the best path you can take to help The New Day to a happy ending — but what about the worst one?

There are actually two 'worst paths' -- a long one, and a short one

Interestingly, there are two "worst" paths you can take that will give you a less than satisfying ending to this spooky wrestling story. The first is to choose wrong on the very first question — to say "no" when the film asks you if you're brave enough to go on the adventure. When you click "no," the credits immediately start rolling, and "Escape The Undertaker" is over. It's a nice bit of comic relief, but not quite as satisfying as other forms of entertainment that have worked similar alternate endings into their narratives (like "Far Cry 5", for example). 

But what is the darkest timeline for The New Day in this short CYOA flick? If you choose not to take the mysterious vial that Big E and Woods find in the library, then Big E won't have the immense strength he needs to turn things around for The New Day in the final battle. But arguably worse than that is what happens if you follow Woods as he faces his fear, then make him join The Undertaker so he can escape being buried alive. Undertaker instructs Woods to turn on Big E and Kingston during the final battle, and when he does, the two of them drag the unconscious New Day members back into the mansion. Furthermore, Undertaker has possession of Woods' soul when everything is said and done. But we doubt that this would be the canon ending if The Undertaker unretires and has a WWE storyline with The New Day ...or is it?