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The Hero What If...? Fans Are Surprised Wasn't Included In The Guardians Of The Multiverse

Contains spoilers for the season finale of "What If...?"

Just like that, the first season of Marvel's "What If...?" is over. The show covered a wide range of hypothetical scenarios, with seemingly every possible "what if" out on the table, save for "what if Steve and/or Peggy just tried to learn to enjoy being single for a while?"

Our guide through these vast new realities was The Watcher, or Uatu to his friends, a member of a highly-advanced species of looky-loos with a penchant for observing and a no-thank-you policy when it comes to interfering. Longtime followers of Marvel comics will already be aware that the Watcher's oath is one of those rules that mostly exists for the sake of being broken, and the Season 1 finale of "What If...?" serves to prove that point nicely. The multiverse's watchingest dude pulls a triumphant Killmonger, an only-child Thor, a more career-oriented Gamora, a time-displaced Captain Carter, and Star-Lord T'Challa from their various corners of causality. Even zombified Scarlet Witch and Mad Max Black Widow turn up to contribute. It's a regular who's who of alternate reality celebrities.

Still, sometimes getting close to perfection only makes the flaws that much more glaring, like when you notice Tom Cruise's middle tooth and that's all you can see anymore. The middle tooth of the Guardians of the Multiverse lineup? According to some fans, the omission of one Carol Danvers.

The missing Marvel of What If

Carol Danvers has spent the last three years establishing herself as the team to beat in the MCU, what with the Thanos' ship smashing and the Infinity Gauntlet resisting and the No Doubt fight sequence of it all. She's all strengths, no weaknesses, glowy-haired plot resolution in a sleek combat suit. She doesn't even freak out when Stormbreaker comes flying past her head, proving that she's either a certified powerhouse, or she's suffered severe inner ear damage after decades of flying in and out of planets' atmospheres without OSHA-compliant headgear.

It's hard to argue with multiverse-spanning omniscience, and Uatu's results speak for themselves — the Guardians stand victorious, the Watcher lives to watch another day, and reality is all teed up for Season 2. Still, it's hard to imagine having an infinite number of Captains Marvel at your disposal and benching all of them. That's an oversight on the same level as, say, having access to hundreds of X-Men characters and never mentioning them, not even once.

Seriously, guys, on a side note? When are we getting X-Men in the MCU?