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Will The Watcher Ever Interfere In The MCU's Multiverse?

Marvel Studios and Disney+'s newest project "What If...?" is made up almost entirely of characters we've already seen in former MCU films. However, one brand new character was introduced to us, and this mysterious being will be a part of every single episode in the series. The Watcher, also known as Uatu in the comics, is voiced by the great Jeffrey Wright and serves as the narrator of the new show. In the very beginning of Episode 1, the Watcher explains that he is the viewer's guide to "these vast new realities," which are created when someone's choice branches out into "infinite realities."

Toward the end of the episode, the Watcher further explains that his role is merely to observe all the happenings of the multiverse. He also promises that he "can not and will not interfere" with everything he witnesses. It sounds like a solid promise, but a recent comment made by Wright suggests that the Watcher might not stay true to his word.

The Watcher might not be able to keep his promise

Uatu the Watcher first appeared in 1963's "Fantastic Four" #13, and he immediately interferes with Reed Richards and company on the moon when Red Ghost and his Super-Apes attack them. So from the get-go, we know the Watcher isn't someone who plays by the rules no matter what laws his alien race abides by. Jeffrey Wright commented on this very story when catching up with ComicBook.com and hinted how his on-screen character might follow the same sort of path.

"We'll see where he goes," Wright said of the Watcher abiding by the rules. "We'll see how dispassionate he is about all of this. But I mean the first time we see him on the moon in Fantastic Four, he finds himself in the middle of this cold war, east versus west, proxy battle. And he kicks some ass, he's awesome, man. I mean, he's not to be toyed with, The Watcher. Don't get it twisted, I'm observing until I'm not, at least in that instance. So yeah. There's some fun stuff to be had with him. We'll see where it goes."

We will see, indeed, and it looks like the Watcher isn't going to be able to help himself when it comes to interfering. In Episode 1, he steers clear of Captain Carter's (Hayley Atwell) story as she becomes the world's first super-soldier and first Avenger. Some future episodes will likely see darker and more dangerous stories that come about from different choices, thus almost forcing the Watcher to get involved. If it means more of Wright, we are totally on board with the Watcher's meddling.