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A New Halloween Kills Featurette Promises A Whole Lot Of Action And Blood

Successful horror franchises rarely stay in one place — tonally, that is. After all, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" may always involve dreams, but Freddy Krueger has gone from representing the ghosts of the past to closeted queer identity, and has become an increasingly campy character over the decades.

However, one thing that multiple horror franchises have done over the years is embrace the action elements inherent in their central stories. Ridley Scott's "Alien," for example, may have been a claustrophobic piece of psychological horror, but James Cameron took the nigh-unkillable xenomporhs and pitted them against space marines in an all-out brawl in "Aliens." In fact, while we're talking about James Cameron, it's also worth noting that the original "Terminator" may have been a slow-moving science-fiction slasher flick, but its sequel is one of the most influential action movies ever made.

Meanwhile, the "Halloween" franchise has, for the most part, always chosen to hold onto its pure horror style and tone. Director David Gordon Green even ensured that the franchise would return to its slasher roots when he rejuvenated it with 2018's "Halloween." That said, it's becoming more and more clear that Green's upcoming sequel, "Halloween Kills," will take a page out of the "Aliens" and "Terminator 2" playbook by incorporating more action elements than any "Halloween" film ever has before.

Halloween Kills isn't just about Laurie Strode

In a new featurette for "Halloween Kills," star Jamie Lee Curtis promises that it "is a very different movie" than its predecessor. As for what exactly will make the movie different, David Gordon Green explains that because the new film is called "Halloween Kills," he and his collaborators felt like the movie "has to live up to that title." Expanding on that idea a little further, Green added that "Halloween Kills" is "a bigger, badder, crazier version" of the franchise's previous film.

"Halloween Kills" is also different from it's immediate predecessor because it focuses on more characters than just Laurie Strode and her immediate family and friends. "The last movie was Laurie's story, this is the town's story," says Curtis in the new featurette. "David was really clear that he just wanted to explore the after-effects of violence and how it affected Haddonfield," adds the film's co-writer, Danny McBride.

There's another term that the featurette focuses heavily on, and it's "mob mentality." After all, a town that's so scared and consumed by both shock and grief over the return of a murderous boogeyman like Michael Myers could be capable of just about anything. At least, that's what this "Halloween Kills" featurette seems to promise.

Fortunately, fans of the franchise don't have to wait much longer to see exactly how the citizens of Haddonfield choose to react to Michael's return, with "Halloween Kills" set to hit theaters and begin streaming on Peacock on October 15.