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Rusted Armors - What We Know So Far

The world of anime is continually getting bigger, with more and more people becoming interested in the medium. If you are new to anime and are looking for something good to watch, there are plenty of classic favorites to check out, like the brutal dark fantasy "Attack on Titan," about a universe in which humans must hide or fight against ginormous man-eating human-like creatures called Titans, or "One Piece," a pirate adventure that started in 1999 and is currently airing its 20th season. 

Of course, along with all the well-known series that are obvious must-watch shows, there are many new and upcoming shows that are worth checking out. With ever-advancing technology and increasing interest in anime, there are more opportunities for creators to bring their unique stories to the screen. Whether you are a new or longtime anime viewer, one show that will definitely interest anime fans is the upcoming series "Rusted Armors," a samurai adventure based on 2.5D stage plays and a manga series of the same name.

Here's everything we know so far about the 2022 anime "Rusted Armors."

What is the release date of Rusted Armors?

While it is common to see anime series stay in development for long periods of time without a release date, that is thankfully not the case with "Rusted Armors," also known as "Rusted Armors: Daybreak." The exciting new series is expected to premiere in January 2022, only a few months away, which is great news for fans of the manga series and stage plays (Anime News Network). As of right now, there is no word yet on where you can watch the series, how long the episodes will be, or how many episodes there will be in "Rusted Armors" Season 1, but a short teaser trailer was recently released. 

Some other anime that are premiering in January of next year include "Requiem of the Rose King" Season 1, "Slow Loop" Season 1, "The Case Study of Vanitas" Season 2, and "Teasing Master Takagi-san" Season 3, along with many others. Be sure to keep an eye out for information on the specific premiere date and other details about "Rusted Armors" Season 1, coming soon. 

Who are the characters of Rusted Armors?

The story of "Rusted Armors" centers around a group of samurai mercenaries and a warlord in the Sengoku era. The series actually focuses on two historical figures – Saika Magoichi, the leader of a mercenary group known as the Saika Ikki who was known as a fearless, skilled warrior, and Oda Nobunaga, a Japanese daimyo, or warlord, who led a war to unify Japan under his clan's rule in the 1560s. Both roles in the anime will be voiced by the same actors who portrayed them in the stage play, with Magoichi voiced by Taiki Satō and Nobunaga voiced by Toshiki Masuda. The upcoming anime will focus on the relationship between Nobunaga and Magoichi's group, with a surrounding cast of characters that includes Tsurukubi, Hotarubi, Kurohyo, Deku, Ageha, and Hototogisu, who all play an important role in the battle for control over all of Japan (Anime News Network).

What is the upcoming anime Rusted Armors about?

The story of "Rusted Armors," blends history and fantasy, focusing on the battle between the Saika Ikki mercenaries and the warlord Nobunaga. While Nobunaga fights with traditional swords, Magoichi and the other warriors use guns and sacred treasures called "armor" that grants them superpowers in order to fight off the warlord (Epic Dope). Throughout the story, many other people — and even supernatural creatures — are looking for the sacred treasures with the goal of using them to earn more power and control. The Saika Ikki must fight these forces and face many other trials on their journey to stop Nobunaga and ensure the protection of Japan (Honey's Anime). 

Because of "Rusted Armors" unique path from stage play to manga to anime, the story is lesser known than some other anime in development. But based on the show's other title, "Rusted Armors: Daybreak," it can be assumed that the show will likely follow the story arc currently unfolding in the second manga series of the same name, which started in May 2021 (Newsbreak). Fans of the series will simply have to wait and see exactly what happens with the warriors of the Saika Ikki in "Rusted Armors" Season 1.