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Requiem Of The Rose King: Everything We Know So Far

With some notable exceptions, historical fiction isn't very common in the anime industry. Even less common are re-imaginings of older, more influential works of historical fiction. In that regard, the manga "Requiem of the Rose King" might be completely unique among anime. As a retelling of Shakespeare's "Richard III," the series dives into the historical events of the eponymous English King's rise and fall while also adding its own twists and reinterpretations.

Created in 2013 by manga author/artist Aya Kanno and published in Akita's "Monthly Princess" magazine (via Anime News Network), "Requiem of the Rose King" quickly became one of Japan's most popular Shoujo manga. Now, the series is receiving its own anime adaptation, courtesy of the animators at J.C. Staff. Promising romance, thrills, and bloody action, "Requiem of the Rose King" is set for a release that's right around the corner. Here is what we know so far about the release date, cast, and plot for "Requiem of the Rose King."

When will Requiem of the Rose King release?

People who have been following the development of "Requiem of the Rose King" already know that the show hasn't had the smoothest production cycle. Originally set to premiere in Fall 2021, the show was, according to the above Anime News Network article, suddenly delayed due to unspecified "circumstances" behind the scenes. Since then, however, the animators have gotten themselves back on track, announcing a new release date set for January 2022.

Unfortunately, the show's creators have yet to announce where viewers are expected to catch "Requiem of the Rose King" once it releases. As is the case with some anime, it may be slated for a Japan-exclusive release on one of the country's cable networks before breaking out internationally via streaming services such as Crunchyroll. However, J.C. Staff has not spoken on the issue one way or the other.

Another issue this raises is whether viewers will see any localization efforts in the form of an English dub. Many people in the west prefer English dubs to watching their anime subtitled, and the industry has gone lengths to accommodate this market. Even so, the lack of knowledge surrounding this show's distribution is cause for some concern among dub-watchers.

Who are the characters in Requiem of the Rose King?

As a retelling of Shakespeare's "Richard III," "Requiem of a Rose King" would be nothing without its titular protagonist. The "Rose King" title serves a double meaning in this instance, however. On one hand, it is a deliberate reference to the Wars of the Roses, a series of historical conflicts central to the series, but it is also a reference to Richard's status as an intersex person (much like how flowers possess both male and female reproductive organs) in this version of the story. Other major characters in the series include historical figures such as Henry VI, Edward of Lancaster, Edward of York, and even Joan of Arc.

Unfortunately, J.C. Staff has been tight-lipped about the voice actors who are set to portray these historical figures. With less than a year until the anime's eventual release, it's unlikely that none of the actors has been chosen. Regardless, the show's creators are choosing to hold their cards close to their chest and reveal such information at a later time.

What is the plot of Requiem of the Rose King?

Based on the manga synopsis provided on the Viz website, "Requiem of the Rose King" focuses on Richard as they find themselves embroiled in multiple conflicts of different kinds. One conflict sees Richard and his kin all vying for the throne of England as the Houses of Lancaster and York duke it out for political supremacy. Of course, somewhere along their journey, Richard becomes one of the major candidates for the throne.

At the same time, "Requiem of the Rose King" stays true to its Shoujo heart by involving Richard in a conflict of romance with other members of the British nobility. The first of these proves to be with Henry (presumably Henry VI), a relationship which draws the ire and judgement of characters such as the son of Margaret Lancaster. How Richard survives the swirling conflicts of death and love are the central focus of "Requiem of the Rose King" once it releases this January.