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The Character Everyone Forgets NCIS' Emily Wickersham Played In Definitely, Maybe

As arguably one of the best TV crime dramas of all time, "NCIS" has remained popular throughout its 19-season run. The show has had three successful spinoffs, including the most recent addition to the franchise, "NCIS: Hawai'i," further proving how it has left a lasting impact on television viewers over the last two decades or so.

The impressive acting talent and chemistry of the "NCIS" cast have both helped ensure its staying power. Led by Mark Harmon (who's been on board for almost every episode thus far), the actors of "NCIS" have found considerable success starring in such a long-running show. As anyone even remotely familiar with the ins and outs of Hollywood knows, though, it isn't an overnight path to the top. Before snagging a role on a top prime-time drama, many "NCIS" cast members cut their teeth in smaller roles before they got their big break. This includes Emily Wickersham, who starred as Agent Ellie Bishop from Season 11 through Season 18. 

Devoted fans will also recognize Wickersham from her role in the 2008 romantic comedy "Definitely, Maybe." But who did she play in the film?

Emily Wickersham played an intern in Definitely, Maybe

"Definitely, Maybe" follows a man named Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) who is telling his daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin) the story of his past romantic relationships and how he ultimately married her mother. The film, which features many flashbacks from throughout Will's life, starts when he graduates college in the 1990s and moves to New York City to pursue a career as a political consultant. It's during one of these flashbacks that we see a young Emily Wickersham appear as an intern at Will's workplace. Though her role was quite small and unnamed, it was only a sign of greater things to come. Five years later, she guest-starred on "NCIS," and was such a good fit that her three-episode guest arc turned into a starring role.

It can take even the most talented actors years to find the success they dream of, and Wickersham's ascension from a bit part in a romantic comedy to a lead role on an enormously popular show is a great lesson in perseverance to us all.