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What If...? Fans Agree This Guardian Of The Multiverse Can Take Down The Eternals

Contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of "What If...?"

Marvel's acclaimed "What If...?" series has come to an end, with its October 6 finale, bringing an action-packed conclusion to the "What If...Ultron won?" saga. The Guardians of the Multiverse were introduced, Infinity Ultron (Ross Marquand) was stopped, and fans finally got to see the titular heroes from earlier episodes together in battle. One of the newly introduced MCU stars wound up stealing the show, and looking like he should belong to another famous Marvel group.

The "What If...?" series left the door open for several possibilities in the MCU, including the chance for superheroes from different universes to wage war on one another, whether it be in future episodes or in upcoming movies. Fans have been most recently clamoring for an appearance by the Eternals, who will be getting their own movie on November 5, 2021. These ancient beings have been pegged as the greatest heroes in Earth's history, however, it appears they now have some serious competition.

Nobody compares to Strange Supreme

It's not often in the MCU that one superhero in a band of others towers above the rest, but this is exactly what happens in Episode 9 of "What If...?," entitled "What If...The Watcher Broke His Oath." 

At the start of the finale, the Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) recruits heroes from the previous "What If...?" tales in an attempt to defeat Infinity Ultron as he continues his onslaught of the multiverse. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) — now known as Strange Supreme following the events of Episode 4 — was the very first hero the Watcher recruited, and now we all see why.

The sorcerer is at the forefront of the Guardians of the Multiverse's battle with Ultron throughout the episode, and even manages to keep his fellow heroes safe with a protection spell during the worst of it. Strange Supreme spent centuries absorbing other powerful beings and their powers during Episode 4, and he uses these abilities in a number of ways during the finale. 

At one point, the Doctor multiplies Thor's hammer in an attack on Ultron. He later unleashes a trio of fire-breathing dragons onto the big baddie before straight up swallowing and eating a blast attack from him like it's a potato chip. "Wait, what?!" Ultron shockingly asks himself after seeing Strange's unlimited power. It's a display of shock that shows just how powerful Strange Supreme really is, especially compared to beings like Ultron and even the Eternals.

The Eternals would be no match for Strange Supreme

At the end of the day, MCU fans are completely sold on Strange Supreme and his abilities. Marvel may be setting up the Eternals to be the most powerful beings in their respective universe, but Strange operates outside of all this. His power is on a whole different scale, one that even the Watcher recognizes. Throughout the finale, fans felt that Strange portrayed several similarities to the Eternals, including Thena's matter transmutation ability. Some even questioned whether he could become an Eternal himself. 

"He isnt one, but I'm still pretty sure hes beyond them," explained one person in a Reddit episode discussion

"Oh yeah, as powerful as the Eternals are, Strange Supreme stomps them completely," u/agentofmaine wrote in reply. "He absorbed a galaxy-destroying attack from Infinity Ultron and carried the entire team in the final episode. Honestly think that just him and the Watcher would've been enough to deal with Ultron lmao."

It's unclear where Marvel and Disney plan to go from here with Strange Supreme and the entire "What If...?" multiverse as a whole. A second season has been already confirmed by Kevin Feige, so it appears that the character could be making another appearance in the future.