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The First Full Trailer For Locke And Key Season 2 Has Arrived

At their core, keys symbolize freedom. They open previously closed pathways, and who knows what could be on the other side? Keys represent endless possibilities, and that's precisely the concept behind the comic book series and subsequent Netflix series "Locke and Key."

The first season, which debuted in February 2020, was a massive hit for the streaming platform. Millions of people tuned in to see the aftermath of a family on the brink. When a husband and father winds up dead, his widow and their three children move to a familial home in Massachusetts. The kids soon discover various keys throughout this abode that can be used in a litany of magical ways. But they're not the only ones in search of the keys. 

Season 1 ended with the promise of plenty more adventures to be had, and luckily, fans won't have to wait much longer to see them. Season 2 is just around the corner, and Netflix has a new trailer to build up the hype.

More keys are out there ...

The "Locke and Key" Season 2 trailer confirms what we suspected all along: Things get messy when you deal with magical objects. By the looks of it, the new season will have more magical entities vying for the keys along with a fair amount of deception courtesy of Echo/Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira/Griffin Gluck). They're still out there, and they're still posing as Kinsey's (Emilia Jones) love interest. It looks like Echo/Dodge has a new hobby for the next season, namely making their own tools. 

As stated, the key maker gets to decide if it's a force for good or one for evil. Naturally, Echo/Dodge has nefarious purposes in mind for their keys, and there's going to be more than a few new monsters to scare the pants off of the characters and audiences alike. 

"Locke and Key" Season 2 drops on the streaming site on October 22, 2021. It's an appropriately spooky date for the next chapter to release right before Halloween. You know where to be when October 22 rolls around.