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Sin City TV Show - What We Know So Far

Few comic creators have developed an iconography on par with the one created by Frank Miller. The creator behind legendary graphic novels such as "300" and "The Dark Knight Returns" has remained an often imitated and adapted touchstone for decades, and one of his most enduring creations is "Sin City." The 13-part graphic novel series ran in the early 1990s and has had a massive influence on neo-noir pop culture that remains notable and noticeable to this very day.

With two Robert Rodriguez films and an iconic graphic novel series under its belt, the "Sin City" franchise still seems to have some juice left in it. In fact, in 2019, Deadline reported that Legendary had signed a rights deal with Miller to bring the series to TV. Though there are numerous elements of the show that still need to be confirmed, the release date, potential cast, and plot details are all likely top of mind for many fans of the violent and dark universe.

What is the Sin City TV series release date?

There is currently no set release date for the "Sin City" TV series. The show has experienced a number of behind-the-scenes shakeups over the course of the last few years as the rights have changed hands and different creatives have come and gone from the project. That, plus the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, has seemingly sent the "Sin City" series to something approximating development hell and prevented it from making meaningful traction.

Another issue that has prevented "Sin City" from gaining enough traction to get a release date is the legal turmoil happening behind the scenes. In August 2020, Deadline reported that Frank Miller was being sued by producer Stephen L'Heureux over the rights to the series, as well as the rights to a film adaptation of "Hard Boiled." L'Heureux had previously collaborated with Miller and Robert Rodriguez on "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," and was part of the original creative team brought on board for the series when it was first announced in 2017. As such, all of these issues have substantially slowed down the "Sin City" TV show, preventing the announcement of a set premiere date.

Who is in the cast of the Sin City TV series?

At this time, the cast of the upcoming "Sin City" TV series remains unconfirmed. Much of this has to do with the fact that it's still somewhat unclear as to the characters the series will follow. In 2017, Deadline reported that Glen Mazzara, Len Wiseman, and Stephen L'Heureux had joined the project to develop a "Sin City" series that would focus on entirely new characters and strike out in a different direction from the Frank Miller books and the Robert Rodriguez movies. This would seemingly indicate a completely fresh start for the "Sin City" universe.

With all of that said, later rumors have suggested Miller and Rodriguez will be more involved than previously assumed. If both of them return to the "Sin City" world, it could indicate that the series will share more connective tissue with the films than originally planned and could bring back characters like Dwight (Clive Owen and Josh Brolin) or Marv (Mickey Rourke). However, at this time it remains unclear if that will actually happen.

What is the plot of the Sin City TV series?

Currently, there are no confirmed plot details to speak of for the upcoming "Sin City" TV series. However, with the show adapting elements of Frank Miller's graphic novels of the same name, it stands to reason that it will likely take place in the fictional Basin City. That said, some of the earliest reports, including one from Deadline, have indicated that the first incarnations of the series were planning to move away from established characters and explore new avenues of the franchise not specifically seen in the books or films.

Some things have changed since the time "Sin City" was first announced, however. With both Miller and Rodriguez possibly working on the series in some capacity, it's possible (though unconfirmed) that it could return to some of the seeds planted in segments like "The Big Fat Kill" and "The Yellow Bastard." Whether that means we will see a show that tells stories before, during, or after those sections of the "Sin City" timeline remains to be seen.