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Why Casey From The Duff Looks So Familiar

If you need another hit teen comedy to watch, Netflix just released an excellent option — 2015's "The DUFF." The film plays into the classic teen comedy trope of giving an "ugly" girl a makeover and stars Mae Whitman as Bianca Piper — the said "ugly" girl. Bianca learns she's been dubbed as the "designated ugly fat friend," aka the DUFF, of her friend group and enlists the help of her popular neighbor, Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell), to give her a makeover.

Casey, played by Bianca A. Santos, is one of Bianca's prettier and more popular friends, along with Jess (Skyler Samuels), who gives Bianca the title of the DUFF. The actress has quite a familiar face, and you might find yourself wondering where you've seen her before. Fans of teen drama series might be especially curious about what other projects Santos has been involved in, as she has spent some time working on television series in the genre, according to her IMDb page. Here's why Casey from "The Duff" looks so familiar.

Bianca A. Santos broke into the film industry with Ouija and Happyland

Bianca A. Santos's big break in the film industry came in the 2014 horror film "Ouija." Santos plays Isabelle, who, along with a group of friends, investigates the mysterious death of her friend by using an ouija board. Hoping to connect with their dead friend on the other side, the group uses the ouija board and unleashes dark spirits, resulting in terrifying moments.

Following "Ouija," Santos landed the lead role in the short-lived MTV comedy series "Happyland." The show centers on high school student Lucy Velez and her coming of age story while she navigates the struggles of high school, first loves, and the fact that her mom works as a theme park princess. Unfortunately, according to Deadline, "Happyland" was canceled after Season 1 and only eight episodes due to low ratings. Despite her show being canceled, bigger things were on the horizon for Santos.

Bianca A. Santos shines in different 2016 films and series

In 2016, Bianca A. Santos kept to the horror genre by starring in "Little Dead Rotting Hood." She played the main character, Samantha, aka Red Rotting Hood, who has to stop a pack of killer wolves from mauling her entire town. More notably that same year, the actress returned to the popular Freeform (previously known as ABC Family) drama "The Fosters," which she briefly appeared on in 2013. Santos makes her appearance in Season 1 as Lexi Rivera, Jesus' (Jake T. Foster) girlfriend, but was not present for Season 2. Lexi was brought back for in Season 3 of the hit series for a brief stint that lasted just four episodes.

Santos' next starring role would be in the crime drama "Priceless," acting alongside Amber Midthunder and for King & Country's lead singer Joel Smallbone. Santos played Antonia, a desperate woman who seeks help from an unsuspecting widower (Smallbone) after she learns she and her sister (Midthunder) are being sex trafficked. The film is inspired by actual events, according to Deadline, and marks Santos' first and only foray into the religious film genre.

Bianca A. Santos has been busy since 2017

One of Bianca A. Santos's busiest years was 2017 where she took on roles in several films. The actress returned to the teen drama genre in the movie "SPF-18," where she played Camilla Barnes. Camilla, along with her four friends, hope to have the perfect last summer together while staying at a dreamy beach house, but split romances interrupt their plans.

Santos would then detract from her typical film genres of comedy and drama with a small role in the crime thriller "Avenge the Crows" as Inez, the cousin of a former gang member who seeks revenge for past crimes. In a more significant role, she would go on to star as Bianca in "The Best People," a rom-com about a woman who tries to stop her sister's wedding with the help of the groom's best man.

Since 2018, Santos has stuck to mostly TV in several guest roles. In 2019, she made guest appearances as Del in the canceled Freeform superhero series "Cloak & Dagger" and in the legal drama "All Rise" as Olivia McLeland. Lastly, in 2019, Santos played a minor role as Maya in the "Vampire Diaries" spinoff series "Legacies" for four episodes.