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Who Plays Oscar From On My Block

Netflix has released the fourth and final season of its team dramedy series "On My Block" after a two-year hiatus ... and boy, was it worth the wait. 

The latest season catches up with the core teen characters — Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) — as they've grown apart, after moving on from their Los Angeles high school days. This 10-episode wrap up answers the question of whether or not the friend group will always be close, or if the distance proves just too much to bear. 

Aside from the core cast, though, Cesar's older brother Oscar returns to the series as a changed man. He's no longer the leader of the Santos, even though his little brother is seemingly more involved with gang life than ever. Nonetheless, Oscar — known as "Spooky" — will always be rough around the edges and a bit intimidating in anything he does. 

And hopefully, the role of Oscar will elevate the actor who plays him, Julio Macias, to new heights.

Julio Macias has a history in Hollywood

While Netflix's "On My Block" has proven itself to be a breakthrough role for Julio Macias, it's not his first time in Hollywood. The Mexican-born actor has made cameo appearances in shows like "Jane the Virgin" prior to embodying Oscar. Additionally, he played singer-songwriter Pete Astudillo in "Selena: The Series," which follows the ascent to stardom of famous Tejano singer Selena (Christian Serratos). Astudillo was a backup vocalist for Selena, aside from being a solo artist, and one of the leaders in the Tejano music scene (via Latin Heat). So, this was a major role for Macias — not just because he's a new face in Hollywood, but also because he had to take on a portrayal of a real person. 

Not only does Macias have a history in front of the camera, though, but he's been active behind the scenes, as well. His IMDb page shows he has writing, producing, and directing credits for a handful of shorts like "Blazed to the Future II." He is also set to star in Mario Pece's upcoming horror thriller, "The Last Boat To Alcatraz," which is sure to be another important role on the actor's resume. So while "On My Block" may be over, it seems like Macias is just getting started.