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This Squid Game Theory Could Explain Where The Workers Come From

Few shows have made such a massive impact in such a short time the way "Squid Game" has. The Korean drama, now streaming on Netflix, soon became one of the most popular shows in the world, reaching the #1 spot on Netflix is a staggering 90 countries, as reported by Forbes

"Squid Game" has it all–heart-pounding suspense, engaging character development, and a fascinating premise. A clear commentary on the greed of the 1% and the brutal lengths people will go to escape poverty, "Squid Game" has become the Fall's first "must-watch" show.

Season 1 ends with a number of lingering questions–namely, will Gi-hun (Lee Hung-Jae) try to take down the whole operation? However, a show as complex and dystopian as "Squid Game" leaves plenty of other things for the audience to keep guessing about. As is the case with all buzz-worthy shows, fans have taken to social media to theorize, and some think they've figured out the truth behind those terrifying guards.

Gi-hun could have become a worker instead of a contestant

Just about every bit of "Squid Game" is frightening, but the looking presence of the red-jumpsuit and black-mask wearing workers might be the scariest of all. These workers are the ones responsible for carrying out the horrors of the game, including shooting losing contestants to death. However, despite their position of power, these workers are also prisoners in many of the same ways the contestants are. They are also referred to by number, not name, and they sleep in rooms that look quite a bit like jail cells. These workers also beg the question — who would want to be part of such a horrific operation?

The guys at "Just the Nobodys" Podcast took to TikTok to share two very interesting theories on where the workers come from. In the very first episode of the series, we see a salesman (Gong Yoo) approach Gi-hun in the subway station and ask him if he wants to play "ddakji," a Korean game where the players have to throw a card to the ground and attempt to flip over their opponent's card. The salesman tells Gi-hun to pick a card: red or blue. Gi-hun chooses blue. "Just the Nobodys" had a theory that if Gi-hun had chosen the red card, he would have been recruited into the game as a worker, as they wear red. Given that the contestants wear green, and not blue like the other card, it's not clear how this theory would correspond to Gi-hun's fate. However, there's another interesting theory about the workers, too.

The workers are previous Squid Game winners

On TikTok, "Just the Nobodys" also brought up another very interesting theory about where the workers come from. They suggest that the workers are actually all past winners of the game, but squandered away their won fortunes and fell back into the debt that made them join the game in the first place. However, as past winners it wouldn't be fair for them to compete against new contestants, so instead they become the workers. We know very little about the workers, so it's hard to say if this theory is true. For example, we don't know if they are paid a salary, or win a cash prize of their own, though seeing some of them decided to partake in illegal organ selling makes it seem like they, too, are desperate for money. 

There are many questions fans hope "Squid Game" will answer in a second season, which has yet to be confirmed. The show explored just how far the contestants would go at the chance of fortune, and hopefully we'll find out more about the motivations of the workers, too.