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Clues About Who The Mallard Is On The Masked Singer

Singers: Generally speaking, they're pretty easy to identify, but stick a mask on them and hoo boy.

This phenomenon has been captivating audiences thanks to the folks at the Fox network, where "The Masked Singer" is currently enjoying its sixth wildly successful season. The setup is simple: Take some singers, put them in masks, and watch the fireworks fly. Between the Scooby-Doo mystery of it all and the constant underlying promise that a member of the cast of "Home Improvement" will eventually pass out from heat exhaustion in a squirrel costume on national television, it's basically must-see TV.

This time around, one of the most enigmatic contributors to the competition is the Mallard, a performer dressed as — get this — a duck, nature's own born loser, if Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse cartoons know anything on the subject. Guesses from the show's judges as to the identity of the Mallard have rolled off the contestant like water off a something's back, but as tends to be the case on "The Masked Singer," a few key hints have been scattered along the way.

Who is the Masked Singer's Mallard?

Fans of "The Masked Singer" with an ear to the ground probably picked up on a few things about the Mallard. First and foremost, the duck mentioned that they "may be living the high life with a best-selling book, a platinum album," before going on to point out that "that was not always the case." These specific successes help to narrow things down, but the fact that they didn't always have two chart-topping wins basically puts us back at square one. Almost everybody doesn't have a platinum album. The Mallard could be anyone.

"Growing up the way we did," the Mallard stated, "you were always hustling." They dropped an even juicier tidbit with the revelation that one of their "first businesses was selling worms." Again, not super helpful. Worms are everywhere, and practically everyone wants to buy some.

Other factors to consider: we've seen the Mallard riding in a carriage with a wee moose statuette on the armrest, implying that they may have collaborated with a flying squirrel at some point. They have a picture of Chris Pratt that says "BFF," implying that they might have teamed up with a violent raccoon or a tree with feelings. They described being a human jukebox on the schoolbus, singing when people put a quarter in their armpit, implying that they have a bunch of quarters that smell pretty bad.

Think you've figured out who the Mallard really is? You'll just have to keep tuning in to season six for vindication.