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The AHS: Death Valley Episode 1 Moment That Made Everyone Cringe

Contains spoilers for "American Horror Story: Double Feature" Episode 7, "Take Me to Your Leader"

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" has begun its second, alien-themed arc, and the ending of "AHS: Death Valley" Episode 1 set up the story very well. It appears that the show's events in the 1950s — which involve significant historical characters like President Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) and Amelia Earhart (Lily Rabe) — are likely to have a terrifying impact to the present-day characters and their lives. 

This being an "American Horror Story" season, mastermind Ryan Murphy has also devised all sorts of new ways to impact the audience, as well. Unfortunately to some, though, "AHS: Death Valley" isn't all about tactically deployed thrills and scares. "Take Me to Your Leader" also features some pretty graphic conversations, and as it turns out, one of them in particular is more than enough to make fans of "American Horror Story: Death Valley" cringe.  

Fans think Cal and Troy overshare intimate details

Many viewers have noted that as the episode jumps into modern day and the black-and-white aesthetic gives way to color, the characters' language also becomes rather more colorful than some people would like. According to Reddit, one particular detail about the rather lurid conversation between Kendall (Kaia Gerber), Cal (Nico Greetham), Troy (Isaac Cole Powell), and Jamie (Rachel Hilson) has taken the episode's cringe factor to another level. 

"Oh god, eating a*** commentary," one Redditor cringed at the discussion about certain intimate interactions between the show's newfound couple, Cal and Troy. "My son is gay, watched this before me and texted to say 'these guys do not represent me or anyone I know.' Watched it and now I know what he meant," another wrote. 

It's too early to tell whether the whiplash-causing transition from 1950s conspiracy stories to such talk is a shock tactic, a quick way to establish the characters, or even if the things they discuss will somehow factor in the plot later down the line. Regardless of the truth, Ryan Murphy has certainly found a brand new way to keep the audiences on their toes.