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The Real Reason American Pickers Never Visited Nevada

Nevada certainly has no shortage of reality television shows to call its own. This includes the History series "Pawn Stars," where hundreds of people over the years have brought their valuables in to have them appraised. Naturally, in the middle of Sin City, numerous people have come in to tell various Vegas iconography, from old casino games to gangster memorabilia.

On top of "Pawn Stars," the likes of "American Restoration" and "Bad Ink" have shown there's plenty of entertainment to be had out in the desert of Nevada. While various businesses have found the value of setting up shop in the city, others don't seem to have caught on quite yet, as appears to be the case for "American Pickers." 

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz (before he was let go from the series) traveled all over the continental United States looking for antiques. They've stumbled upon plenty of treasures over the years, but none of them have come out of Vegas or anywhere else in The Silver State. While no official explanation's ever been given, there's a good reason if you know the local climate of Nevada.

Nevada's climate is too dry to preserve old antiques

Similar to Utah, Nevada's climate isn't optimal for protecting older objects. It's excessively dry with little moisture in the atmosphere. This isn't great, particularly for wood objects, as the dryness can cause the material to warp. Granted, there are certain things collectors can do to protect valuables, but it costs a lot of money and can become time-consuming. The guys on "American Pickers" must've assumed it hasn't been worth it to venture into that kind of territory at this point. 

According to a Forbes report, Nevada has the driest climate in the country, with an average relative humidity of 38.3%. The Southwestern United States is known for its dry nature, but that hasn't stopped Wolfe and Fritz from venturing into the likes of Arizona and New Mexico. They're obviously not averse to driving all that way, perhaps if they know there's something genuinely great waiting for them.

Naturally, this doesn't mean Nevada is entirely out of the question. The show's currently on Season 22, and it has no signs of slowing down any time soon, even with Fritz's absence. Perhaps there will even be a special episode where Wolfe and Fritz finally pay a visit to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.