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The Hilarious Way Reese Witherspoon And Hasan Minhaj Roast Each Other On The Morning Show Set - Exclusive

Reese Witherspoon (Bradley Jackson) may be known as America's sweetheart, but she's certainly capable of holding her own when it comes to roasting her co-stars. The actress stars in the Apple TV+ series, "The Morning Show," alongside Jennifer Aniston (who plays Alex Levy) and her on-screen co-anchor Hasan Minhaj (Eric Normani). 

Minhaj may have entered the series this season, but he fits right in with the returning cast. While Season 2 is shaping to serve up just as much drama as the debut season, things are much more lighthearted behind the scenes, when cameras aren't rolling — and it sounds like Minhaj and Witherspoon certainly get up to their fair share on shenanigans. 

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Hasan Minhaj dished on his time working with Reese Witherspoon. He even revealed the hilarious way he and Witherspoon roast each other on "The Morning Show" and what it was like filming their Season 2 song and dance number. 

Roasting with the Reese

Hasan Minhaj talked about the antics he pulls with Reese Witherspoon, saying, "So that was really fun. Behind the scenes, Reese is really funny. Reese sometimes would roast me, and we would continue playing out the scenes between Eric and Bradley. So sometimes she would just call me Eric behind the scenes, and I'd be like, 'Bradley Jackson, I'm coming for your spot.' And she's like, 'No way, Eric.' So that was really fun. Doing bits, doing bits with Reese Witherspoon was great." And if that's not the ultimate dream, who knows what is.

Witherspoon and Minhaj have a really great song and dance number in the show, and Minhaj also dished on all of the details. "I took it really seriously. I had the choreographer send me the iPhone video the night before. I was in my hotel room, making sure I hit all my marks. I really got into the body roll. I was like, 'Okay, shoulders, chest, stomach.' I was doing the whole thing." 

He added, "I was like, 'Okay, add this.' We're doing all this stuff that was extra. It didn't end up making some of the first episodes, but I took it very seriously. And I want everybody to know, I genuinely was trying my hardest. I know people are supposed to do it and be like, 'Oh, it's a morning news anchor who's bad at dancing, but he thinks he's good.' I genuinely was trying to be good." So, who's going to send us some of that raw footage? Certain people would pay a lot of money for those cuts. 

Fans can tune into new episodes of "The Morning Show" Fridays on Apple TV+.