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Which Horror Movie Monster Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Horror movie villains and monsters at first appear like cold and calculating killers who delight in playing diabolical mind games with their petrified prey. However, scratch the surface and behind those beady and demonic eyes that scream death, despair, and the end of everything, there's a person with a past, a personality, and yes, a star sign. For every psychopath, there is a planet and for every monster, there's a sign of the zodiac that encapsulates their character traits, both good and bad. If you wipe away the gore and overlook the complete lack of conscience and 24/7 murderous intent, horror movie antagonists aren't so far removed from the rest of us. They just took a wrong turn, made a bad choice, or were given a raw deal. Was it written in the stars? Who knows!

Anyhow, because horror films and horoscopes are both a lot of fun, we decided to merge the two in an unholy union and tell you which horror movie monster are you based on your zodiac sign. In other words, we're telling you who puts the horror in your horoscope. So buckle up and hold on tight. We're going on a rocket ride into the cosmos. But be warned — there be monsters!

Aries: Damien Thorn

Bold and ambitious, Aries are go-getters who love to be No. 1 and want the world and everything in it. What better example of the fiery ram than the Antichrist himself, Mr. Damien Thorn? According to the films, the lead star of "The Omen" trilogy was born on June 6 at 6 a.m., which would make him a Gemini, but that day seems to have been chosen more to approximate the Number of the Beast (666) than to get his star chart right. We'd argue that the son of Satan is definitely more of an Aries. In the first movie, the toddler Thorn already approaches life with an extremely Aries-like joie de vivre that can be unsettling. It's there in the scene when he mows his mom down with his aggressive tricycle riding, and it's there in his little smug smile when he realizes he's the catalyst for the chaos erupting all around him.

As the young Prince of Darkness grows and becomes a U.S. ambassador and potential destroyer of worlds, we can observe the classic Aries characteristics of ambition and charm utilized to terrible ends. Thorn's Achilles heel is the curse of all Aries: an explosive temper. Aries' ruling planet is Mars, which was also the Roman God of War, so anyone born under this sign isn't exactly mellow and easy-going. To see a full-blooded Aries in classic flip-out mode, check out Thorn in "The Final Conflict" after he throttles Father DeCarlo and demands Jesus Christ face him like a man for a proper fight. Mess with the ram and you get the horns!

Taurus: Annie Wilkes

A Taurus is a person who just wants to cuddle, stay home, wear the same outfit every day, and avoid big changes. Has anyone seen a psychopathic nurse called Annie? Yes, Taurus, we're afraid if you were a monster in a horror movie, it would be Annie Wilkes in "Misery." The bulls of the zodiac have perseverance and tenacity by the bucketful. There's no mountain too high or river too deep to keep them from their heart's desire. In Annie's case, it's for her favorite novelist, Paul Sheldon, to bring her favorite fictional character back to life because she just can't abide change. Sound familiar, Taurus? Let's be real, keeping a man drugged, chained to the bed, and breaking his ankles with a sledgehammer lest he escape before he finishes writing his novel is bizarre and terrifying behavior, but it is a tiny bit understandable when viewed through the prism of the Taurus personality.

As a rule, Tauruses are excellent homemakers and know how to look after their guests. Obviously, in Wilkes's case, this Taurean trait is taken to the extreme. However, say what you want about the creepiest bookworm to ever ask for an author's autograph, she certainly knows how to be a captive host. Tauruses can be stubborn bulls, especially if they don't get their way. They have a habit of stamping their feet and screaming, "You murdered my Misery!" Who are we to argue?

Gemini: Pennywise

Geminis are hyper-intelligent, extremely inquisitive, and dangerously analytical. Yet sometimes Geminis just like to clown around! They're walking contradictions. They can switch from sober to crazy in the space of one red-hot minute. It's the duality of twins combined in one person. 

As a dancing clown who's also a serial killer (and a shape-shifting alien from an undiscovered void beyond mortal comprehension, but we digress), it's fair to say Pennywise meets the classic binary nature common to all Geminis. As a zodiac sign that is said to be charm personified, Geminis are also notorious for carrying "a slither of the psychopath in them" wherever they roam.

What other zodiac sign apart from the silver-tongued Gemini could dress up as a giant and sinister-looking clown, hang around in sewers, and still be winsome enough to persuade unsuspecting kids to grab a balloon? Geminis have no "off" button. They exude energy and are relentless 24/7 party people. Instinctively understanding what makes a soul tick and the exact nature of their deepest fear before scaring the living Jesus out of them is second nature to these high-spirited pranksters. Yet be warned: If you cross them or get in their way, then they're "your worst dream come true" and "every nightmare you've ever had," as Pennywise put it. 

Cancer: Leatherface

Cancers are sensitive souls who love their families and are at their happiest when surrounded by their nearest and dearest at the dinner table, tucking into mom's homemade meals. On the downside, they live in a twilight world where the stark lines of reality are often blurred into an incomprehensible mess and they can drown in their own and other people's sorrow. It's hard for them to share their pain with others and they hate to be vulnerable. And as well we all know, no one feels vulnerable whilst carrying a chainsaw or sledgehammer. As such, if Cancers were a horror movie character, the role of Jedidiah Sawyer, aka Leatherface, in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" would suit them to perfection.

Like many shy and retiring Cancers, Leatherface is fond of putting a barrier between himself and reality through the use of masks. Cancers also love their food, and as a cannibal who butchers and eats his own meat, Leatherface is no exception. Cancers are typically uncomplicated types: They are giving, but like all moody crabs, the Cancer personality can withdraw into its shell and lash out when threatened. According to Fandom, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" director Tobe Hooper explained that Leatherface is full of fear, not malice, and that is why he kills. It's this aspect that makes Leatherface the most Cancer-esque, and perhaps most sensitive and tortured, of all horror movie characters.

Leo: Patrick Bateman

With a craving to be king of the beasts and lord of the jungle no matter the cost, Leos are big, brash personalities who love to be the center of attention. If there's a lightbulb at a party, they stand under it. They are also prone to vicious bouts of self-loathing, which, in Patrick Bateman's case, only a well-cut suit and some bloody slaughter will appease. The star of "American Psycho" is a Leo par excellence. When this killer cat with a perfect haircut roars, people pay attention, and a fair few end up dead. Living life to the fullest, without compromise, is the immaculately designed calling card of the Leo.

As a Wall Street yuppie who not only survives but also thrives in the dog-eat-dog world of the 1980s while also killing random strangers in his spare time, Patrick Bateman is a tailored fit for the proud Leo personality — albeit one made of monstrous proportions. Like any self-respecting Leo, Bateman has a commanding presence. He's so competitive that he kills Paul Allen with an ax simply because he was in charge of a work account Bateman secretly coveted. And when Bateman nearly strangles Luis Carruthers in the gentleman's toilet because he has a fancier business card, it's definitely a Leo thing y'all.

Virgo: Hannibal Lecter

Virgos are obsessive and highly judgmental perfectionists who know the devil is always in the details. Where others see chaos, they see patterns. They've got a mind like a steel trap and you definitely don't want to get into a game of chess with one, especially if they're drinking a nice Chianti and eating some fava beans. Has there ever been a more horrific Virgo on the big screen than Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs?" Virgos are meticulous, have an extremely pragmatic approach to life, and are all about living their best lives. Romance isn't high on their agenda; getting things done and making the world a more effective and worthwhile place is.

Let's break it down for the benefit of all the vexed Virgos out there. Hannibal the cannibal may be a sadistic flesh-eating monster, but there is also a method to his madness. He doesn't kill willy-nilly: He carefully selects his victims based on how evil or how vulgar they are. He has the typically Virgoan hate of obnoxious people and believes in eating the "free-range rude," or, in Benjamin Raspail's case, people whose musicianship is not up to scratch. His Virgo powers of perception allow him to escape detection and operate in society as a world-renowned psychiatrist, the practice of which he has nothing but a healthy disdain for.

Libra: Jack Torrance

Ever-likable Libras are textbook extroverts. Symbolized with a pair of celestial scales, the idealistic Libra seeks balance and harmony both in themselves and in the world at large. Yet beneath that friendly, flighty exterior lies a darker truth. When the scales become unbalanced, Libras are prone to fits of self-pity and incandescent rage. You'll never know what Libra you'll be drinking with, especially if their name's Jack. Did we mention that they are also top-notch procrastinators

Jack Torrance, the recovering alcoholic and failed writer in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" for whom one whiskey is too much and for whom 100 isn't enough, has the potential to be the life and soul of any party. Sadly, he can also turn into a murderous madman. He dallies with the writing he's supposed to be doing, unable to commit to the project in classic Libra fashion. He's the star sign at its worst, particularly after being possessed by the demonic forces of The Overlook Hotel. It's very Libra to be cracking jokes about Johnny Carson while simultaneously trying to crack your wife's skull open. Balance!  

Scorpio: Dracula

Scorpios are secretive and mysterious by nature. Content with a bit of uncomfortable silence, they enjoy solitude, often possess nocturnal habits, and have penetrating eyes that can undress your soul. In other words, they're born Draculas. Sitting alone on a throne in an ivory tower surrounded by the melancholy howling of wolves and contemplating what William Wordsworth described as the "still, sad music of humanity" is the perfect gig for many a Scorpio. These star signs aren't misanthropic; they just don't suffer fools gladly — unless they're planning to drink their blood for dinner. Scorpios also have exquisite taste. For someone who's been dead for centuries and sleeps in a coffin, Count Dracula sure is one sharp dresser. His pearly whites are also in pristine condition.

Of the many silver screen iterations of Dracula, Gary Oldman's performance in Francis Ford Coppola's "Dracula" was perhaps the most classically Scorpion. After the Count returns from fighting the Turks, he discovers his wife has committed suicide. The priests tell Dracula that his wife will burn in hell for taking her own life. Furious, Dracula swears he will have his revenge on God and the universe by becoming an eternal bloodsucker with a strange accent. One thing you should know about Scorpios: They are professionals when it comes to holding grudges. They never forget and they rarely forgive.

Sagittarius: Freddy Krueger

Sagittarians have an almost reckless abandon when it comes to exploring every aspect of the human condition. They also love to dream the impossible dream. As such, the Sagittarian personality fits Freddy Krueger like a glove. As the son of 100 maniacs, the Springwood Slasher didn't have the best start in life, but as a Sagittarius, he had a vision. And that vision was to become the evilest soul on the planet who could slash and burn in dreams as well as reality.

According to The Sun, Sagittarius also has a great sense of humor. In another world, Krueger could have been a famous funny man. Look past the fedora, the horrendously burnt face, the bladed gloves, the cruel snarl, and the rat-like eyes, and you'll see an aspiring stand-up comedian tap-dancing away and delivering a series of rapid-fire one-liners. Sagittarians are also known as the archer of the zodiac, and once these strange hybrids of human and horse have you locked in their sights, you're a goner. As a typical Sagittarius, Krueger is relentless in pursuit of his victims. He doesn't just cross state lines, but he also crosses the border between reality and dreams in pursuit of his prey. It's this tenacious resolve that marks him as a true Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Norman Bates

Capricorns are disciplined, pragmatic, and responsible. Yet these old souls can appear to be the coldest of fish because they are also masters at repressing emotion — that is, until it all comes bubbling to the surface and they dress up as their dead mother and start stabbing people (we're looking at you, Mr. Bates). The star of Alfred Hitchock's "Psycho" is every inch the Capricorn. These star signs are said to be born with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They are cursed with a vague feeling of incompetence and inferiority that can spur them on to greatness or lead them to some pretty dark avenues, alleyways, and, of course, motels.

Responsibility is a Capricorn's natural state. They can also feel as if they are the loneliest soul on the planet. The psychological childhood abuse inflicted upon Norman Bates by his mother Norma conspired with his Capricorn personality to create a most peculiar monster. Years of living with a dominant mother figure stifled Bates's natural Capricorn desire to be independent, so he lashed out at her. Then, in a sickening display of warped control, he became her by wearing her clothes, adopting her mannerisms, mimicking her voice, and celebrating her cruelty. 

Aquarius: Max Cady

As the eternal outcast with an obsessive interest in personal freedom, there are no lengths an angry Aquarius won't go to avenge a perceived slight. Just ask Max Cady. Or not. The tattooed loner with the weird haircut in Martin Scorsese's "Cape Fear" positively reeks of Aquarian's instinctive need to buck against the system, lock horns with authority, and stick it to the man. Cady is no rebel without a cause; he's a righteous crusader with a whole freight train of grievances to resolve in the most drawn-out and bloody way imaginable. Aquarians are renowned for being big thinkers, nonconformists, and free-spirited eccentrics. Cady ticks all these boxes and adds a splash of psychopathy to boot. 

Cady has done 14 years of hard jail time and can't wait to share the pain and humiliation of every minute of that sentence with the prosecutor who helped put him there, Sam Bowden (Nick Nolte). The audience can clearly see that Cady is a misguided con with a chip on his shoulder. Yet he's so Aquarian that he's convinced the system needs changing and that he's on the right side of history. He even spouts Biblical passages like an old testament preacher to reinforce these convictions. Another telltale sign that Cady is an Aquarius is his weird and sometimes unsettling dress sense. 

Pisces: Regan MacNeil

Pisces are highly sympathetic, but lack boundaries and are prone to bad influences. They're also highly superstitious. In the case of Regan MacNeil, a Pisces if there ever was one, this combination of traits didn't end well. The young girl turned heads and a fair few stomachs in "The Exorcist." According to PureWow, a Pisces is "basically a mermaid in a bathtub drinking a glass of red wine." The profanity-spitting, slime-puking, and wall-climbing MacNeil doesn't live up to that description at first glance, but she was possessed by the legions of hell at the time, so we have to make allowances.

Pisces can be otherworldly and dreamy. Their creativity is so powerful it can be world-changing. Before her possession, Regan is sweet, shy, and artistic, making gifts of flowers and clay figurines for her mother. Obviously, the lord of lies and all his hungry hordes are going to be drawn to such a beacon of light and gentleness. Regan's very Piscean qualities make her a perfect victim and vessel for Satan and his mates. As the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, Pisceans are only usually capable of being utter monsters when under the influence of others.