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Which Horror Movie Monster Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Much like horror films, astrology isn't for everyone. But at the end of the day, whether you're dabbling in the zodiac or the more gruesome corners of your preferred streaming service, don't let anyone harsh your mellow — if you have a stomach for the stuff, dig in. Both horror films and the zodiac can serve a litany of purposes depending on what you're in the mood for: from a means of personal introspection to light and airy entertainment. Whether you're unpacking your elemental affinities or watching a space alien rip through an Antarctic research station, if it brings you joy, so be it! 

Much like zodiac signs, horror monsters are wonderfully complex. They have their strengths, weaknesses, moral failures, and admirable qualities. They might not look human, but they are, at the end of the day, highly symbolic creatures that can teach us a lot about ourselves. Sure, horror monsters might not have the dignity of an archer or a ram. But their metaphorical power is not to be discounted. In horror films, monsters are not always inherently villainous, and can be lighting rods for the best and worst humanity has to offer. So whether you want to gain a new perspective on your own astrological sign or consider a whole new zodiac all together (populated by big-screen beasties), read on to see which horror monster fits your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Xenomorph

There is absolutely nothing more Aries-like than waking up and choosing violence. And that is exactly what the Xenomorph does at every twist and turn in its wretched lifecycle. The titular extraterrestrial of the "Alien" franchise embodies many of the fiercer aspects of the first sign in the zodiac. Whether it's launching out of its egg and suctioning onto the face of an unwilling host or bursting out of said host's chest to wreak havoc on anyone in the vicinity with a pulse, the Xenomorph shoots first (with its horrible inner mouth) and asks questions never.

In typical Aries fashion, the Xenomorph rides and dies for absolute chaos; turning well-run commercial operations into graveyards and thwarting the best-laid plans of nefarious military operations, hoping to hone its power. The Xenomorph has its claws out all the time, leaving a trail of chaos and acid-burned machinery in its wake.

Those born between March 21 and April 19 throw themselves at the world without fear, trepidation, or a second thought. The Xenomorph is a predator but it isn't a planner. Stalking and chowing down on unsuspecting crew members is its bread and butter. Thinking ahead and avoiding standing near an airlock? Not so much. You can call the Xenomorph any string of expletives you please. But one thing's for sure: like any self-respecting Aries, they were born and bred for conflict.

Taurus: Bruce the Shark

Under the cool Atlantic waters of Amity Island lurks a prehistorically large creature: an enormous, dead-eyed great white shark with an appetite to match his size. Then again, can you imagine better hunting aquatic grounds than a seaside resort town? And sure, the fishy villain of Steven Spielberg's 1971 thriller "Jaws" may just be an animal acting on instinct, and not a bona fide, ghoulish monster in the traditional sense. But to the denizens and tourists of Amity, Bruce (the behind-the-scenes pet name of the shark's animatronic counterpart) is the oceanic boogeyman; an unseen threat willing and able to prey upon anyone foolish enough to enter his territory.

Taurus is a sign that places a lot of value on creature comforts; on surrounding themselves with a nurturing environment that feeds the soul. In Bruce's case, his environment is quite literally feeding him. From his perspective, Amity is a paradise: an all-you-can-eat buffet where the food comes to you. Bruce is all too happy to tuck in. Like most Tauruses, Bruce is bullheaded, stubborn, and undeterred by anything that might get in his way (he is, after all a 25-foot long 3-ton shark). Like those born between April 20 and May 20, Bruce is set in his ways, and this ultimately proves his undoing. Ruled by instinct, and an unerring desire to chow down on tourists, Bruce's propensity to munch goes south when he takes a bite out of a pressurized scuba tank.

Gemini: The Thing

Hailing from some accursed corner of the universe, the Thing crash-lands in Antarctica with one objective: survival. And for this shape-shifter, survival means performing. The titular extraterrestrial villain of John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi classic is one of the most mutable monsters put to film; a creature with the ability to mimic other organic life down to the cellular level. And for its performative prowess, there can be no doubt that the Thing is a Gemini.

Like Gemini individuals born between May 22 and June 21, the Thing is clever and creative. And really, when you're trying to imitate a diverse cast of characters, you've got to be quick on your feet and willing to improvise. At various points in the film, the Thing has to convince its "peers" at the research station that it is an innocent husky, a lazy stoner, and everything (well, everyone) in between. The Thing has to react, with fear and paranoia, to itself in order to play the part. Now that's a thespian. As far as alien lifeforms go, the Thing may be a grotesque, fleshy threat to humanity, but it's never boring. If mercurial Geminis had a patron saint, we'd have to believe it'd be this mile-a-minute performer.

The biggest fear of a Gemini is being forced to stop, slow down, and be alone with their own thoughts. Sure enough, the only way to stop the Thing is to quite literally slow it down in a brute force sense; encasing it in ice to let it be somebody else's problem. Do not try this out on your friendly neighborhood Geminis, we promise they aren't shapeshifting aliens.

Cancer: Q

While there is absolutely some irony in a winged monster being a water sign, rest assured: the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl is a Cancer through and through. In Larry Cohen's frenetic 1982 New York City creature feature "Q: The Winged Serpent," the titular dragon-like monster takes up residence in the tippy top of the Chrysler Building. What is she doing? Well, in true Cancer form, she's working on building a family. Which is horrifying to the terrified residents and confounded homicide detectives of New York. But for Q (and for those born between June 21 and July 22), family is everything. Cancers are homebodies. And this Cancer just so happens to have set up shop in the spire of one of the Big Apple's most recognizable landmarks. Family-oriented and nurturing, all of Q's "monstrous" actions are just her attempts to provide for her incoming brood.

Cancers have a well-earned reputation for having emotions as raw as an exposed nerve. And Q, being a flying lizard Aztec god and all, is not exactly one for subtlety, shrieking and dive-bombing her way around the city with the slightest provocation (or hunger pang). Sure, Q is a blood-hungry deity that preys on innocent New Yorkers on a whim. But under those scales, she's a softy at heart.

Leo: Godzilla

Leos have, and this is the technical term, "big protagonist energy." And if there were ever a horror monster that immediately stole the spotlight, it's Godzilla. Even in his first big-screen appearance (1954's "Godzilla"), it's clear that this big, destruction-loving lizard is always the real star of the show. Then again, when you're a 50-meter tall, un-killable dinosaur, you kind of demand the spotlight. Which is, ultimately, the classic trait of those born between July 23 and August 22. Everyone knows when a Leo is in the room. And when you're a massive, scaly wrecking ball, you're basically impossible to ignore.

Bold and unsubtle, Leos are natural showmen. And Godzilla certainly knows how to stir up a ruckus (how else to dissuade the world of future nuclear testing?). Rending bridges and traipsing through high-rises is certainly a "show stopping" way to introduce yourself to the world.

Leos have an ingrained sense of honor and don't take slights lightly. They have a natural need for everyone to acknowledge and validate their existence. So when H-bomb testing disturbs Godzilla's day-to-day, best believe he's going to come stomping out of the sea to make a fuss. How dare mankind disrespect this massive, ancient being? Time to put them in their place.

Virgo: The Pale Man

In her second task for a morally ambiguous faun, Ofelia is instructed to retrieve an ornamental dagger from the lair of the Pale Man, a child-eating monster draped in sickly drooping skin. While those born between August 23 and September 22 might not totally appreciate being compared to this gruesome nightmare fuel, facts are facts: the Pale Man from "Pan's Labyrinth" is a Virgo. If this Earth sign loves one thing, it's rules. And when Ofelia breaks literally the one rule of the Pale Man's domain (don't eat his food), can you blame him for getting upset? Sure, chowing down on Ofelia's fairy friends and attempting to eat her might be overkill. But for a Virgo, messing with their space is an absolute no-no. Virgos are known for their firm boundaries and meticulous attention to detail. And while two grapes might not seem like a big deal to most of us, for the Pale Man (and for Virgos), that's a punishable offense.

Virgos also have a reputation for having immaculate spatial awareness. And there's no better way to achieve a 360-degree eye line than jamming blood-red eyeballs into your palms. Virgos love to find and mix messes. And for the Pale Man, that means gobbling up disobedient children who have the audacity to steal their property and eat their food.

Libra: Audrey II

The seventh sign in the zodiac may not seem especially suited to "monster" territory. Represented by the scales of justice, Libras are known for keeping the peace and defusing conflict. But fairness and harmony are just one aspect of what makes a Libra a Libra.

Indeed, those born between September 23 and October 22 may recognize a lot of themselves in the enormous, talking, flesh-eating alien plant from "Little Shop of Horrors." Ever the Libra, Audrey II is wildly charismatic and charming, convincing their human owner/underling Seymour Krelborn to pony up their own blood and then bring them human victims to snack on. Like many a libra, Audrey II is also wildly extroverted and frank, especially in the film's 1986 musical adaptation. Though if you're going to propose to your mild-mannered partner in crime that he start bringing you human snacks, you kind of have to be suave.

Libras are most afraid of being alone and being disconnected from their community. And considering that Audrey II literally needs other people to survive, their dependency on companionship makes a lot of sense. To boot, Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning they are great at launching new initiatives. And what is taking over the planet with man-eating plants if not a "new initiative"?

Scorpio: The Entity

Scorpios have a reputation for being the strong, silent type. They're enigmatic and hard to read, with a mysterious air that begs more questions than most Scorpios are liable to answer. And it's this silent (but deadly) combo that confirms that the entity in "It Follows" is a quintessential Scorpio. Those born between October 23 and November 21 often make those around them uncomfortable with their intense vibes. But for the entity, who can only be perceived by its intended victims, cultivating an uncannily sinister aura is all part of the chase. Sure, being more incognito would probably help the entity sneak up on more victims, but where's the fun in that? Like any self-respecting relentless Scorpio, the entity will stop at nothing to search and destroy its intended target.

Scorpios don't fear much, but they aren't super into the feeling of being known. And even the entity's terrified victims don't truly know what's stalking them, given that the monster can shapeshift and take on the appearance of a person. Hiding behind a mask is a textbook Scorpio move, as is fearing what might happen if they are truly perceived for what they are. The entity thrives on anonymity to instill fear into its victims. Being perceived only complicates matters, scaring away potential murder victims — or worse, being shot in the head in a swimming pool.

Sagittarius: Tar Man

When Dan O'Bannon's "The Return of the Living Dead" begins, Tar Man is living in the horror film equivalent of a Sagittarius' hell, trapped in a metal can. Those born between November 22 and December 21 are known for being endless wanderers. And being smushed inside a military-grade oil drum isn't exactly conducive to the free-flitting spirit of the wanderlust-ing Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius is fueled by a desire to roam and discover and this is, ultimately, what Tar Man is all about. Once he breaks free of his metallic prison (thanks to some incompetent medical facility employees), he's up and at 'em. The ninth sign of the zodiac is always on the move in search of the next best thing. And for Tar Man, the "thing" in question is delicious, delicious brains. Sure, his desire to gnash on grey matter might be taking Sagittarius' quest for knowledge a bit literally. But you have to admire his dedication. Represented by the warrior-poet, Sagittarius is defined by a relentless drive for freedom.

It's no mistake that the party starts when Tar Man breaks free. Sagittarius is one of the most determined signs of the zodiac, and once their mind is set on something (even if that mind is an exposed skull coated in pitch-black viscera), nothing can stop them. Sure enough, Tar Man exhibits plenty of the drive and fearless exploratory spirit that defines a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Pumpkinhead

Ambitious and motivated by an unerring sense of duty, Capricorns get stuff done. And for Pumpkinhead, the demonic entity summoned by a grieving father after his son is killed by dirt-biking city folk, the "stuff" in question is murder. Nothing can get in the way of Pumpkinhead's success — not a flamethrower, and not even the regretful man who summoned him. Pumpkinhead, after all, is more of an entity than a singular organism; an eternal presence laying in wait for their next project. (That project is usually murder.) Capricorns are notoriously goal-driven. And that's precisely what Pumpkinhead is all about: exacting the eye-for-an-eye revenge of wounded souls.

Those born between December 21 and January 20 are masters of discipline and are often called "workaholics." While Pumpkinhead clearly delights in his work (that ghoulish grimace might as well be a sign of enjoyment), he's certainly the embodiment of "working yourself to death." Mainly because his sole purpose is to accomplish his designated (murderous) task, and return to the ominous pumpkin patch from whence he came. Capricorns are incredibly pragmatic rule followers with a highly developed moral compass. Pumpkinhead's moral compass just happens to be a little more ... murder-y than most. With an unstoppable "can-do" attitude (where the "do" in question is killing teens who accidentally murdered a child), Pumpkinhead is a Capricorn through and through. God help us all.

Aquarius: Brundlefly

A genetic catastrophe made up of two organisms (eccentric scientist Seth Brundle and a common housefly), Brundlefly is one of the more tragic figures on this list. A freak resulting from a freak accident, Brundlefly possesses the strengths and weaknesses of his forebears, and the resulting mishmash of DNA has a lot in common with the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is known as the sign of visionaries and progressives whose mission in life is to make the world a better place. While Seth's original mission (to create a rapid transport system via teleportation) is certainly more wholesome, Brundlefly has similarly grandiose (if decidedly more irksome) aspirations. And while his new dreams of DNA tampering might make our skin crawl, there's no denying that Brundlefly is an undeterred idealist, a key marker of any self-respecting Aquarius.

Those born between January 21 and February 18 are better than most at thinking outside the box. And while Brundlefly might be purposefully esoteric (philosophizing about his own medical anomaly while his body begins to rot), you can't deny that the man (well, man/fly) has imagination in spades. Aquarians are archetypal outcasts that have no qualm with being different. But in typical Aquarian fashion, Brundlefly struggles with resolving the tension between his need for community (read: his human girlfriend and their unborn child) and a deep need for complete detachment. You know. On account of being a horrible, fleshy man-fly hybrid.

Pisces: Gill-Man

Come on, you saw this one coming a mile away. But there's more than a mere fishy affinity between the aquatic star of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and the twelfth sign in the zodiac. Despite what his menacing claws and dead-eyed stare might suggest, Gill-Man is a lover, not a fighter. It's only when he's pushed to defend himself and his river from invasive scientists that he behaves the way we expect a monster to behave. As Marilyn Monroe's character notes while exiting the film in "The Seven Year Itch," Gill-Man wasn't really all that bad, but merely craved affection the world refused to reciprocate. Pisces is an inherently romantic sign, prone to flights of fantasy and dreamy aspirations (e.g. "maybe that beautiful science lady will give me a smooch").

Much like those born between February 19 and March 20, Gill-Man feels things very strongly. And while these feelings mostly include a sense of indignation and fury at the "civilized" invaders chucking dynamite into his home, there is also space for deeply felt softness, curiosity, and longing. Those in the sign of Pisces can come across as air-headed or forgetful, and Gill-Man's blank, unchanging slack-jawed expression leaves him at a similar disadvantage. But don't mistake those unblinking eyes for a lack of intelligence. Gill-Man, like many Pisces, has a rich internal life ... he's worshipped as a god for a reason!