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The Alma Moment In AHS: Double Feature Episode 6 That Made No Sense To Fans

While the scariest parts of "American Horror Story" tend to involve supernatural creatures or haunted locations, sometimes it's the show's unassuming characters that can be the most frightening. That's certainly the case with Alma Gardner (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), a homeschooled violin prodigy who grew to become the true villain of "Double Feature - Red Tide."

With the residents of Provincetown all getting swept up in the town's black pill craze, the season saw Alma readily join in and allow the stimulants to enhance her musical talents. Indeed, despite her innocent appearance and convincing ability to gaslight others, the little girl proved to be truly cunning and willing to do whatever it takes to become the world's greatest violinist — even if it meant essentially killing her drab but well-intentioned mother, Doris (Lily Rabe).

"American Horror Story" fans were wary of Alma all season, worried about when she'd inevitably harm her family. By the time the finale of "Red Tide" rolled around, Alma had seemingly gotten her way and was on the cusp of achieving musical success too. On a Reddit discussion thread for the episode, though, "American Horror Story" fans pointed out one Alma moment in the "Red Tide" finale that just didn't make sense.

So, what did the season's "insidious little monster" do to confuse "Double Feature" viewers?

Alma's spotless crime scene

"American Horror Story" fans weren't confused by Alma's vicious decision to kill her father Harry (Finn Wittrock) in the "Red Tide" finale, nor did they question why she didn't kill Baby Eli, whose little leg she once nibbled on as a midnight snack. Instead, fans couldn't quite understand how she managed to kill her musical competitor without leaving behind any evidence.

After he dismisses her talents as being too much of a spectacle for the "square" classical music scene, Alma kills her violinist rival off-screen in order to knock out her only remaining competition for the first chair position. However, it's unknown whether they go outside together and she drinks his blood there, or if she kills him in the waiting room and subsequently drags him through the building and down the stairs. Either way, it's an event that would require a lot of cleaning up afterward.

"How did Alma do all that and not get blood anywhere on her...," wrote u/liteviolet, sparking the creation of a Reddit subthread full of fans questioning the logistics of the murder. u/keef94, for instance, pointed to Alma's outfit as one part of the scene that made it difficult to believe, writing, "With a freaking white collar on her outfit. And no blood trail anywhere." Others, meanwhile, overlooked the lack of bloodshed and wondered how little Alma managed to effortlessly kill an adult. "How did she reach the guy's neck? A full grown man vs. a 10 year old girl? I don't remember the pill making you a super ninja....," noted one Redditor.

"American Horror Story" fans will likely continue debating the believability of the scene for quite some time, but whether they love her or hate her, there's no denying the fact that Alma Gardner really is as committed to being a great violinist as a person can be.