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The Star Wars: Visions Story That Fans Agree Deserves Its Own Series

It might be some time before fans see the "Star Wars" universe on the big screen again, considering that the Skywalker Saga seemingly came to a close with 2019's "The Rise of Skywalker." Fortunately, Disney+ has been busy expanding the galaxy far, far away during the franchise's time away from the silver screen. "The Mandalorian" is charting a new path forward for bounty hunters, Jedi, and Imperials within the "Star Wars" universe, and there's plenty of other spin-off shows on the way. Now, in addition to the streaming service's live-action offerings, Lucasfilm and Disney have delivered a stunning new entry into the legendary franchise with "Star Wars: Visions."

Lucasfilm and Disney worked with seven different Japanese animation studios to create the anthology series, with each studio creating a unique vision of what "Star Wars" can look like. The 9-episode season consists of some hugely inventive stories that serve to widen fans' understanding of the Jedi, the Sith, the Empire, and the Rebellion. Some episodes are quite short at just around 13 minutes, while others last around 22 minutes, and it's genuinely astounding to see what some of the series' installments still manage to do within the constraints of such condensed runtimes.

In fact, many "Star Wars" fans seem to think one of its episodes deserves its own spin-off series.

The Ninth Jedi blew Star Wars fans away

"Star Wars: Visions" Episode 5, titled "The Ninth Jedi," is produced by Production I.G and takes place centuries after the Jedi have disappeared, with a new Sith empire ruling over the galaxy. The episode sees a mysterious man named Juro (Andrew Kishino/Tetsuo Kanao) call a number of Force users to his floating base (where he mines kyber crystals in order to build new lightsabers) and attempt to restart the Jedi Order. The meeting doesn't exactly go to plan because the Sith hijack it, but the episode's story seems to have instantly charmed "Star Wars" fans.

When discussing the episode on Reddit, u/ThexanI wrote, "Ninth Jedi is the best one for me, holy s**t what an amazing episode." Meanwhile, u/Recovery25 admitted that they want to see more of the episode's story, saying, "If we don't get a full show for this or a continuation of the story in a novel or something, I'm going to be very upset." The same Redditor also added that the episode "felt the most like the original trilogy to me than a lot of recent Star Wars stuff. The world felt new and unexplored. I haven't stopped thinking about that one since watching it."

Elsewhere, u/jish5 revealed they want to see the episode become the basis for the rest of the franchise in the future, writing, "Honestly, I would LOVE for this to be legit canon as the future," before noting that "it would be a great way" for the franchise "to move forward and be legit unique and original."

Here's to hoping that these fans' wishes come true and "The Ninth Jedi" does get its own series. However, if it doesn't, we'll happily settle for "Star Wars: Visions" Season 2.