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Star Wars: Visions Season 2 - What We Know So Far

It's a giant galaxy out there, and while not every story set in the "Star Wars" universe can get its own movie, we now get a better look at the fight between the Light and Dark Side with "Star Wars: Visions." The anime anthology series consists of separate tales that manage to get you invested in droids and Jedi within 20 minutes. 

Some of the episodes, like "The Duel," feature breathtaking battles that rival anything you could've seen on the big screen. Others, like "T0-B1," have a smaller scope without sacrificing any emotional plot points. Suffice to say, fans have loved everything they've gotten out of "Star Wars: Visions" so far and anxiously await another season. 

The show's executive producer James Waugh told Inverse, "There's nothing planned right now. We are definitely excited and love these shorts. And I think the approach has been 'Let's see what the audience thinks and let's react from there.'" It may not be in the cards as of this writing, but that's not going to stop us from speculating on what Season 2 of "Star Wars: Visions" could entail.

What's the release date for Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

Without knowing for sure whether "Star Wars: Visions" Season 2 will even happen, it's impossible to say what a release date could entail. However, in the event a renewal transpires, we have some ideas on when we might see the new episodes. 

Season 1 of the anime series was announced in December of 2020 and was eventually released in September 2021. Seeing how the show utilizes different anime studios, with each one only making one or two episodes, it's not as much of a strain as having a single production house manufacturing the whole season. As such, it wouldn't be out of the question to anticipate "Star Wars: Visions" becoming an annual event. The soonest we would expect Season 2 to drop would be roughly one year after the first, so don't be surprised if more episodes materialize in September 2022. 

Judging from fans' reactions online, there's certainly interest out there to see more "Star Wars: Visions." Disney+ would be foolish not to listen to it and get more episodes into production pronto.

Who could be in the cast for Star Wars: Visions Season 2?

The first season of "Star Wars: Visions" has quite an impressive English-speaking cast. Just some of the big names you'll find in the credits across these nine episodes include Lucy Liu, Alison Brie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Simu Liu, David Harbour, and Henry Golding. Seeing how "Visions" is an anthology series, Season 2 will likely consist of entirely brand new stories with interesting characters audiences get to meet for the first time. With new characters come new voice actors, so your favorite A-list star could potentially make the cut to join the "Star Wars" universe in a completely unique way. 

There's also the distinct possibility a second season could pick up on various stories established in Season 1. Some episodes, like "The Twins" and "The Ninth Jedi," effectively serve as pilot episodes for their own miniature series, so the voice actors in those stories could easily return to reprise their characters. Only time will tell, though.

What plots could Star Wars: Visions Season 2 have?

Every episode of "Star Wars: Visions" contains its own self-contained story. The sky's the limit as far as what Season 2 could do, but the first season set the bar incredibly high.

We only know for sure that there is interest in continuing some of the stories established in the first batch of episodes. For instance, a novel titled "Star Wars Visions: Ronin" will pick up with the mysterious warrior introduced in the episode "The Ronin." This same practice could apply to other episodes, as Waugh goes on to say in his interview with Inverse, "Like so much of Star Wars storytelling, what's exciting about it is that there are all these other mediums that are really robust, and Star Wars fairly defined that kind of cross-platform franchise storytelling. And so we will be extending some of these stories to other media."

What's exciting is that it sounds like there could be sequels to some episodes should "Star Wars: Visions" receive the green light for Season 2. Even if it doesn't, it sounds like some stories could find new life elsewhere. Regardless of what happens with the anthology series, there's plenty more "Star Wars" content coming to Disney+ to keep die-hard fans happy.