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The Hilarious Editing Mistake You Missed In Squid Game Season 1

The latest series taking Netflix subscribers by storm is "Squid Game." The title sounds innocent enough, but the actual content of the show is anything but. The series follows a group of people invited to compete in a series of challenges, mainly consisting of classic children's games. The winner of the bout will walk away with ₩45.6 billion. It sounds simple enough, but each game has a deadly twist involved. Not everyone in the room will make it out alive, and you're left rooting for our heroes as they struggle to walk away with financial independence.

It's an intense thriller that keeps you on your toes right from the first episode. It contains a game of Red Light, Green Light you've (hopefully) never seen before as the losers are gunned down. It's tense and may have you gripping on a nearby pillow for comfort. But don't worry; just because it's a reasonably serious show where the stakes couldn't be higher, that doesn't mean there aren't moments of levity. Most of them are intentional, but if you pay close enough attention to one scene, you may notice a mistake that causes you to crack a smile.

A typo makes one character over 100 years old

Leave it to Redditors to find any minor inconsistency in a movie or TV show. u/dkwtn uploaded a screenshot from "Squid Game" showing a member of the competition. It may be easy for people who don't read Korean to gloss over the scene, but if you know what it says, you may have realized something was off about it. 

The text itself talks about how the man pictured worked in the glass industry for many years — 33 years to be exact. However, when you look at the dates next to that information, it reads how he worked in that field from 1897 to 2020. That's a long time to be alive, let alone to work in glass manufacturing. 

Obviously, the dates meant to read how he worked in the industry starting from 1987, not 1897. It's an easy typo to make, and it technically still works in the universe of the show if you believe one of the red hoods who conduct the games accidentally entered the wrong number. Maybe that will become an official explanation in a future episode if "Squid Game" gets renewed for a second season. Fans of the show had fun with this idea, like u/dkwtn going on to say, "One of the red hood probably got executed for the typo. Lol." It just goes to show the importance of remaining vigilant as you watch your favorite shows.