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Escape The Undertaker - What We Know So Far

Today marks the first day of Autumn, which also means soon we'll be breaking out the cozy blankets and preparing to watch seasonal films. Whether you're a horror movie aficionado or more of a "When Harry Met Sally" fall-vibes type, there's no wrong way to enjoy the spooky season. Netflix is also adding tons of horror content for the Halloween season, including classics and new Netflix originals.

One of the most interesting Netflix originals headed to the streaming service this October is an interactive film, similar in style to the popular "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" project. This new movie, however, has an intriguing twist — it features WWE superstars. The Netflix Halloween special "Escape The Undertaker" stars the famous retired professional wrestler The Undertaker (whose real name is Mark Calaway) and takes place in his haunted mansion, where he uses his infamous powerful urn to "torture" the record-breaking WWE team The New Day within his halls. It's then up to the audience to make choices for the team, and try to get them out of the haunted mansion alive.

Here's everything we know so far about the release date, cast, and plot of "Escape The Undertaker."

When will Escape The Undertaker premiere?

According to the "Escape The Undertaker" trailer, the upcoming choose-your-own-adventure film is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on October 5, just in time for the Halloween season. The project was first announced in early September, and Bloody Disgusting shared some of the first information about the upcoming movie then, though there wasn't as much detail at that point. Today's trailer drop gave us tons more information about "Escape The Undertaker," and if there are any more updates, we'll be sure to fill you in.

Netflix has released several successful interactive films and TV episodes in the past, including the viral "Bandersnatch," "Minecraft: Story Mode," and several Bear Grylls adventures. The campiness and fun spooks throughout "Escape The Undertaker" are sure to be a delight for both WWE fans and everyone else who watches. We wouldn't be surprised if it hits Netflix's trending charts on premiere day.

Who will be in Escape The Undertaker?

It looks like the cast of "Escape The Undertaker" will just be the four WWE stars previously mentioned. The Undertaker is set to play the antagonist in all of his creepy mortician glory, complete with his leather outfit and iconic hat. The Rock and John Cena aside, The Undertaker is definitely one of the biggest WWE stars to branch out into the movie industry, and considering his retirement from pro wrestling last year, it will be fun for fans to see him back in action.

"Escape The Undertaker" will also feature the WWE tag team The New Day, which consists of Big E (Ettore Ewen), Kofi Kingston (Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah), and Xavier Woods (Austin Watson). According to Fandom, the group made their WWE debut in 2014, and quickly became known for their obsession with "the power of positivity." As of now, it doesn't look like anyone else is set to appear in "Escape The Undertaker," but WWE fans will surely enjoy seeing two of the most popular pro-wrestling entities come together.

What is the plot of Escape The Undertaker?

The plot of "Escape The Undertaker" is basically a mash-up of an escape room and a haunted house. In the official trailer, we get a glimpse of The Undertaker describing his vast knowledge of the Dark Arts, as well as his infamous urn which gives him supernatural powers. The New Day then arrive at The Undertaker's door with a proposition: they want to combine the powers of the urn with their own "power of positivity," which they believe will make them unstoppable. The Undertaker then opens his door to the trio, seemingly approving their request — or does he?

Spoiler: He does not. Instead, The Undertaker challenges The New Day to face their deepest fears while navigating through his creepy haunted house, which features a real morgue (he is The Undertaker), tons of spooky fog, and spiders. Along the way, viewers will have opportunities to make choices for the team, which will all lead to different outcomes. If The New Day can survive the obstacles, they get the urn.

But don't be too alarmed — it doesn't seem like "Escape The Undertaker" will be too creepy, since Netflix currently has it categorized under "Kids." Regardless of scare level, it's sure to be tons of fun.