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The First Trailer For Britney Spears' Netflix Documentary Is Quite Revealing

In the decades since she was first thrust into the global spotlight, Britney Spears has emerged as one of the most well-known pop stars of all time, but the media's coverage of her hasn't always been fair, to say the least.

Following a series of increasingly public scandals in the 2000s, Spears lost custody of her children and was forced into a conservatorship (via The New Yorker) under which her father, Jamie Spears, gained almost total control of her affairs. The arrangement has come under increased scrutiny over the past year thanks to some unsavory, previously unknown details coming to light (via The New York Times), as well as a growing collective belief that the media covered her past troubles with far too much glee and not enough compassion.

Now, with "Britney vs Spears, a new documentary from Netflix, filmmaker Erin Lee Carr (whose previous films have spotlighted the USA gymnastics scandal and the trial of Michelle Carter) promises to explore the Spears family's affairs and the controversial conservatorship at the heart of it all. The documentary is perhaps the most highly-anticipated nonfiction film of the year.

A new trailer for the film has been released online today and it gives us our closest look yet at what we might discover when it is finally released.

The Britney vs Spears trailer gives us a glimpse of a life lived in fear

The new "Britney vs Spears" trailer opens with a series of voice-overs on top of media footage from the most tumultuous period in Britney Spears' career. The first voice? Britney's own, stating, "I just want my life back." We are told by various other speakers that the pop star has never been able to trust anyone, including her own parents, and that she spent years "afraid that her family would barge in and take everything."

From there, the trailer begins to pose questions that the documentary will likely spend most of its runtime addressing, including the curious manner in which her father's conservatorship persisted long after Britney had, by many accounts, recovered from her mental health issues. Britney's fans have, notably, pointed out that the arrangement feels like something out of a dystopian science fiction show like "Black Mirror."

Beyond a simple look into the dealings of one family, "Britney vs Spears" promises to examine the legal system of conservatorships more broadly. "It's an epic fail of the legal system that this has gone on for so long," one of the documentary's consultants says at the same time that a courthouse packed with reporters fills the screen. The film will also show the public drama surrounding the legal maneuvers that have gripped Britney Spears' life for nearly a decade and a half.

"Britney vs Spears" is scheduled to be debut on Netflix on September 28.