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The Secret Connection Between Virgin River And Britney Spears

Pop singer Britney Spears and Netflix's hit dramatic soap opera "Virgin River" are two unique tastes that go together surprisingly well. While Spears' light bubblegum music and propulsive dance beats might seem at first to be the antithesis to the gentle homespun romantic drama depicted in "Virgin River," they both appeal to female audiences in droves. But the similarities don't end there.

A person who also appeals to those same female audiences just happens to connect Spears to the "Virgin River" universe. This actor is handsome and talented, so it's perhaps not very shocking to learn that he has a past that connects him to the pop starlet. We know what you're thinking and it's not a personal liaison that brought the two together but a professional one — and if you were a fan of popular music or Ms. Spears in the '00s, then you've probably seen the work they did together.

Does Martin know that he's 'Toxic?'

Yep, that's actor Martin Henderson ("Virgin River"'s Jack) portraying Britney's elusive target in her video for the song "Toxic." In the music video, Spears plays a femme fatale who takes on a number of disguises to win the man. First, she's a blonde stewardess who corners a passenger in the bathroom of the plane, peeling the rubber mask from his face to reveal a handsome blond underneath, all while sweetly seducing a secret passkey out of the pocket of his pants. Next, she's a redheaded acrobat speeding around Paris on the back of model Tyson Beckford's motorcycle, who then breaks into a secret lab, dodges security tripwires, and steals a vial of something quite green and deadly. Finally, our heroine appears as a brunette who climbs the glass-walled exterior of a high-rise and breaks into Henderson's apartment.

It's this last encounter that proves to be fatal for Martin's character. Spears' secret agent seduces him quite handily, backing him onto a bed and straddling his prone form. But after kissing him, she pours the green substance she swiped from that secret lockup down his throat, and he's last seen having his eyes shut with a brush of Spears' arm, mouth open and filled with green goo, apparently headed to that great James Bond audition in the sky. Spears simply and impishly escapes with a wink. Whelp. At least he "died" with a smile on his face.