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AHS Fans Agree This Character Tugs At Their Heartstrings The Most

When it comes to its characters, "American Horror Story" doesn't pull any punches.

Some of the most cruel and unforgiving stories in television history have come out of Ryan Murphy's anthology series, now in its tenth season on FX. There was the heartbreaking murder of Ma Petite in "Freak Show" (Season 4) so she could be sold to a museum; the tragic damnation of Misty Day, a benevolent witch in "Coven" (Season 3) who gets trapped in Hell for eternity; and of course, fans can't forget the killing of Meep, another beloved "freak" from Season 4 that was beaten to death for a string of murders he was wrongfully blamed for.

It seems that if there is a character that viewers like — who is good or portrays some sort of innocence — Murphy is going to find a way to take them out in the most diabolical way possible. But whose story is the saddest? Who is the character with the most depressing fate yet? 

The tragedy of Pepper

While several different options were discussed, AHS fans were largely in agreement on Reddit about whose story was the most heart-wrenching to watch, and that was Pepper's from "Asylum" (Season 2) and "Freak Show" (Season 4).

The microcephalic young girl, played by Naomi Grossman, was one of the "freaks" performing in Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities in "Freak Show." She was playful and kind and beloved by fans, and wound up being locked up at Briarcliff Manor for a murder she did not commit. After being framed, Pepper is whisked away at the end of "Freak Show" and thrust into the storyline of "Asylum," which actually takes place after Season 4.

Redditors said they felt terrible about Pepper and what happened to her, with hundreds agreeing that her story was the saddest. "Pepper is the first time the show made me cry," recalled user HSMorg. 

"Pepper and then Misty (pre-Apocalypse)," another user wrote. "Stuck in hell murdering frogs? She did not deserve that." 

Twisty the Clown, also from Season 4, was another person that fans felt bad for. In fact, all the characters from "Freak Show" were mentioned. "Basically all of the freaks from Freak Show had really sad stories and sad ends," concluded one Redditor. Hard to argue with that.