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This Is The Best Island From One Piece

When an anime reaches almost 1,000 episodes, has several movies within its own universe, and even gets greenlit for a live-action series, chances are it's pretty good. That's definitely the case with the popular long-running adventure anime "One Piece," as it's been delighting fans since 1999. The beloved anime follows Monkey D. Luffy (originally voiced by Mayumi Tanaka, voiced in English by Colleen Clinkenbeard), who's able to stretch like rubber after he accidentally eats a magical fruit. When Luffy hears of the fabled One Piece treasure — aka the greatest in the world — he sets out to create his own pirate crew and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Some of Luffy's crew, known as the Straw Hat Pirates, includes the ex-pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro (Kazuya Nakai/Christopher R. Sabat); the crew's navigator and cartographer Nami (Akemi Okamura/Luci Christian); an inventor named Usopp (Kappei Yamaguchi/Sonny Strait); the crew's chef Sanji (Hiroaki Hirata/Eric Vale); an adorable reindeer who's also a doctor named Chopper (Ikue Ōtani/Brina Palencia); and the crew's historian Nico Robin (Yuriko Yamaguchi/Stephanie Young) — though more members are added throughout the show's long run.

Aside from the hilarious cast, "One Piece" can be very enjoyable because of the many amazing places the crew visits during their treasure hunt. Out of the dozens of beautiful islands featured in "One Piece," there's one that clearly stands out among the rest.

Water 7 reigns supreme

Across the internet, the majority of "One Piece" fans seem to agree that Water 7 is the best island of them all. First introduced in Episode 229, Water 7 is a beautiful metropolis built on the remains of a sunken city, though it has fared much better than its predecessor. Water 7 is characterized by the giant fountain that sits on top of it as well as the numerous canals that flow throughout the city. According to the manga creator Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" Q&A column, Water 7 was inspired by Venice, the Italian city known for its own canal system (via Fandom).

Fans have also noticed the similarities between Water 7 and Venice, which is why some have deemed it the best "One Piece" island. A Reddit user named u/Shishkabunny wrote, "Water seven was my favorite; it's like Venice in a technologically advanced future." On a different Reddit thread, user u/Kyoraky_Aizen commented that they think Water 7 is beautiful and has "probably the most elegant island design."

Tons of fans have good things to say about Water 7

In other Reddit comments, fans note the impressive design and stunning views that Water 7 offers. Reddit user u/jreefski commented "Water 7 wowed me the first time i [saw] it," while another user named u/Dhaliot wrote that they liked the island's "Design and structure."

On a separate Reddit thread, a user with the handle u/Mirai_no_Beederu wrote that Water 7 is one of their favorite islands due to the designs, development and exploration of the island culture, and also noted that Water 7 felt like "a distinct [place]." Similarly, a user named u/_SotiroD_ noted "The richness of how water 7 was explained is pretty cool too! We've got to see different parts of the place in a laid-back way, kinda helped to feel more complete. It was nice."

Although there are tons of other awe-worthy islands in "One Piece," Water 7 stands out for its intricate architectural systems and its reminiscence of real-life places.