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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 5 Scene Fans Thought Went Too Far

The survivors of "The Walking Dead" are in a dire situation right now. Five episodes into the show's final season, its central heroes must rebuild their fallen communities, restore peace among their members, and simultaneously protect themselves against their latest threat, the Reapers.

The show's latest episode, titled "Out of the Ashes," sees Carol (Melissa McBride), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Jerry (Cooper Andrews), and Lydia (Cassady McClincy) returning to the remains of the Hilltop Colony after it was burned to the ground in a battle with the Whisperers. While scavenging through the ashy remains of their former home and killing their friends-turned-walkers, the group encounters a handful of Whisperers hiding out in the underground prison.

One man, recognized by Lydia, is spotted forming a protective herd of walkers, which leads to him being violently questioned by Aaron and Jerry. Carol convinces them to leave him behind and move on, though, it's clear that emotions are still running high afterward as the group continues to struggle to accept their current state.

One part of the episode didn't make sense to fans, who were quick to express their confusion on "The Walking Dead" subreddit. But which part, in specific, of "Out of the Ashes" are fans having a hard time accepting?

Why didn't The Walking Dead's survivors return to Hilltop sooner?

On an episode discussion thread dedicated to "Out of the Ashes," u/pfdfour wrote, "I find it hard to believe that this is the first time anyone has returned to hilltop for anything since it burned down." Their comment received many upvotes and comments from other fans who also found the episode's Hilltop detour curious.

With most of their supplies gone and feelings of hunger, insecurity, and discomfort at an all-time high among the survivors, it's fair to wonder why they hadn't gone back to Hilltop yet. After all, the group often sends people out for supplies in risky yet calculated efforts, so why not check out their former digs?

"They were even right outside Hilltop not too many episodes ago, when Maggie returned," pointed out one Redditor. "They could have at least checked it over then to see if anything useful survived." Another user listed supplies that could've survived the fire, like "bricks, wall material and piping," all of which could be used to restore Alexandria. However, u/alexkiltro broke down the Season 11 timeline to note that it has only been one month in the show since the battle with the Whisperers ended. "I think it's kinda plausible that no one went to Hilltop during that time considering all the stuff that has happened, and if someone did, those whisperers could've just hid around focusing on surviving," the Redditor wrote.

Despite the confusion surrounding the group's return to Hilltop, the real question that should be on the mind of every "Walking Dead" fan right now is whether or not Aaron and Jerry will be returning to wipe out the remaining Whisperers and attempt to restore Hilltop to its former glory.