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The Bridesmaids Scene That May Or May Not Have Made The Cast Wet Their Pants

A decade after its release, "Bridesmaids" has cemented its place in the pantheon of all-time greatest comedies, and even now fans clamor for a sequel. Led by a squad of Hollywood's funniest actors, the female-driven raunchy wedding comedy shocked and delighted audiences in equal measure. Had it not been for the strength of its cast, comprised of comic legends from Melissa McCarthy to Maya Rudolph, its graphically scatological humor may not have been so embraced by audiences.

Even 10 years later, the "Bridesmaids" cast still gets questions about the film. When Melissa McCarthy sat down this week for a freewheeling interview with Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to promote her new movie, "The Starlet," the host asked whether there were any stories from the "Bridesmaids" production that had not yet been revealed. "Many things," McCarthy said. "Many of us had been friends for a long time already."

McCarthy proceeded with a story about her on-set hijinks that was right on brand for "Bridesmaids," one that involves taffeta dresses and incontinence.

Melissa McCarthy had the cast wetting themselves while filming the final scene

"I'm always about three to four years late with technology," Melissa McCarthy explained to an enraptured Stephen Colbert. "Like, right now I'd be like, 'Have you guys heard of Facebook'?" The Academy Award nominee's unfamiliarity with technology led to her discovering AI-assisted photo editing apps long after the more technologically savvy among us, which happened to be during the "Bridesmaids" shoot. "I was like, 'Do you know that there's an app that can make you old or can make you into a guy?' and they're all like, 'The one that's been around for like three years?"

McCarthy says she was always manipulating photos of her castmates. "It was brand new to me, so I constantly was making us all into men, especially older men." That technology-enabled shenanigans might have even made the cast wet themselves with laughter — she was intentionally vague — while filming the final scene of the film. "We were out on the water," McCarthy explained. "We were trapped out there because we were on these little pedestals in water. I can't name names, but I would say more than two and less than five of us were laughing so hard that we may or may not have wet our pants."

That's a lot of hedging, but people don't tend to be so wishy-washy about not wetting their pants, and Melissa McCarthy has a long history of cracking up her co-stars. Colbert followed up by asking whether they were wearing the taffeta dresses that were the characters' costumes for most of the movie, to which McCarthy responded, "Yeah. You say that as if it's odd. I only go to the bathroom in taffeta!"