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You Season 3 Trailer: Joe And Love Are The Nice, Normal Murderers Next Door

"You" is the Netflix series that's either one of the darkest shows on television or one of the most optimistic, depending on how you look at it. Can a serial stalker like Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) find true love and happiness, even if it means manipulating those closest to him? That's what "You" aims to find out. And based on the newly released trailer for Season 3, it looks like Joe will be tested in ways he never has before.

In the first season of "You," Joe tries to have a relationship with a woman he'd been stalking, Beck, only for it to spiral out of control and end in tragedy. Joe then flees to Los Angeles, where he starts a new life under an assumed identity (from a guy he knocks out and then keeps imprisoned in a plexiglass cage). During Season 2, Joe finds someone better suited for him: Love (Victoria Pedretti), a woman who is nearly as obsessed with him as he is with her — even after she learns what Joe really is. When Joe looks at this mirror image of himself, he doesn't like what he sees. Problem is, Love becomes pregnant with Joe's baby.

Season 2 ends with yet another violent climax. Heading into Season 3, Joe and Love are trying to make it work for the sake of their new baby. And based on the new trailer, it looks like fatherhood might finally be the impetus for Joe to become a better person. But if "You" has taught us anything, it's never that simple.

Check out a full breakdown of the "You" Season 3 trailer below.

Newlyweds Joe and Love try to keep their marriage alive

After having their baby, it looks like both Love and Joe really want to turn over a new leaf and try to provide a normal life for their son. Are they successful? Well, not exactly. As last season proved, Love is just as crazy — if not more so — as Joe, and he's not thrilled about staying with her. But the new trailer shows just how far Joe will go so that his child has a good life, with Joe narrating, "For you, I'd marry the monster."

After the couple moves to a nice suburb, Joe tries to stay on track and be a "good guy," but he quickly gets distracted by a new neighbor named Natalie, played by Michaela McManus, who becomes his next stalking victim. And so the cycle continues. But as we've seen, Joe's met his match in Love, and she does not plan to let him get away easily. The two will be attending couple's therapy, but considering how much murder and violence is shown in the trailer, it doesn't seem like it will help much. 

Also throwing a wrench in Joe and Love's plans is a woman named Marianne (Tati Gabrielle), a mother with a keen eye who works as a librarian in town. She knows everything there is to know about the locals, not letting much get past her talent for observation. Will she pick up on the darkness beneath Joe and Love's pretty exterior? We will have to see when "You" returns to Netflix with Season 3 on October 15, 2021.