Lightning McQueen Races Back To The Top In Cars 3 Trailer

Rev your engines: the first trailer for Cars 3 is officially here. Following a shockingly grim teaser, the new trailer is refreshingly not all about death and destruction, promising the same fun and excitement as the franchise's past installments.

The trailer begins when Owen Wilson's Lightning McQueen is approached by Nathan Fillion's new character, Mr. Sterling, who tells him that he is poised to become "the biggest brand in racing." While Mr. Sterling promises movie deals, infomercials, product endorsements, and riches beyond belief, Lightning is confused, apparently eager to stick with his one true love of racing. However, as Mr. Sterling (and the last teaser) brutally points out, every time Lightning loses a race, he damages himself, and, after one big crash, it seems that he may have to hang up his racing gear for good.

However, Lightning isn't going to quit that easily. "I decide when I'm done," he says. "I can't go out on the track and do the same thing. It won't work." Eager for help, he returns to Radiator Springs, where he eventually decides to seek out the help of Cristela Alonzo's Cruz Ramirez, a young racing technician who yearns to be as brave as Lightning is.

Cruz helps prep Lightning for a race against Armie Hammer's Jackson Storm, a car who breaks Lightning's record for the fastest lap ever recorded and has a 95.2 percent of winning it all, according to an announcer. "This is my last chance," Lightning says. "If I lose, I may never get to do this again." "Don't fear failure," Cruz tells him. "Be afraid of not having the chance. You have the chance."

As he dives in and tries again for glory, it seems that Lightning will once again learn the lesson that fame and money aren't everything in life, saying, "The racing is the reward, not the stuff." It seems like it will be a tough journey for Lightning to beat Storm, but, considering this is a Disney movie, we think he'll find a way. As the trailer says, "It's not over until lightning strikes."

Cars 3, which also stars Kerry Washington, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shalhoub, Larry the Cable Guy, Margo Martindale, Lea DeLaria, and Cheech Marin, will drive into theaters on June 16, joining a number of other big summer blockbusters that are sure to blow you away.