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Cobra Kai Co-Creator Reveals Hilarious Alternate Names For Johnny's Eagle Fang Dojo

Nobody took the loss of the Cobra Kai dojo harder than Johnny Lawrence. Hornswoggled again by that rascally old John Kreese, Lawrence found himself out of a job and back at the less forgiving end of your standard rags-to-riches spectrum. Still, if there's one thing that Johnny has taught us over the decades, it's that you don't stay down when life kicks you in the face and steals your girlfriend. The beloved entrepreneur dusted himself off and started teaching karate once again, this time in the park. "...If we're gonna be taken seriously, we need a name that commands respect," he said of his new venture in the season 3 episode "Obstáculos." "A name that elicits power and dominance. Cobras are strong. They may be king of the jungle, but the world's more than just a jungle, and there's only one animal that can kill a snake."

With the corners of that ironclad logic tucked neatly away, Lawrence started Eagle Fang Karate, a school with a logo that took eagles and fangs and gave them the old "peanut butter on my chocolate" treatment. It's the sort of name that reminds viewers that yes, this is a character who suffered at least one severe concussion growing up.

And the fun doesn't stop there. In a recent tweet, "Cobra Kai" co-creator Jon Hurwitz discussed the creative process that went into bringing the most ... something ... name for a business to the screen.

Cobra Kai's Eagle Fang was almost equally awesome, six different ways

Sometimes in life, the problem isn't a lack of good choices, but an embarrassment of riches. Sometimes, one presumes, it's possible to drown in a Scrooge McDuck pool of money. In the case of alternative options for Johnny Lawrence's new dojo name, the creators of the series were getting figurative gold coins pumped from their lungs.

"We didn't get excited until we came up with Eagle Fang," Hurwitz recalled of the brainstorming session that gave "Cobra Kai" fans the fresh brand of martial arts school. "But," he continued, "others on the shortlist were Mad Mongoose, Iron Eagle, Badass Vulture, Tiger Claw, Blood Grizzly, Bloodthirsty Tiger, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, Tyrannosaurus Bear, Badass Bears, Rabid Eagle, and Guns N Karate."

Clearly there's a lot to unpack there. "Guns N Karate" empirically kicks skulls in, but if a student from "Tyrannosaurus Bear walks into a room, it's just to drink your beer, slap you to the floor, and ride off with your now-ex girlfriend on the back of their three wheeler. Unfortunately for all of us, Johnny Lawrence was last seen teaming up with his old rival, Daniel LaRusso, to provide a gentler form of punching to the All-Valley tournament. Hopefully, this won't stick, and the Badass Vultures will finally get a chance to fly when "Cobra Kai" returns in December of 2021.