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Why Some Fans Think Virgin River Season 3 Is Boring

Not every season of every television series can be an instant winner, but when it comes to Netflix's "Virgin River," fans have found themselves widely divided on whether or not the show's third season was actually good. Some people loved the dramatic twists and turns of the natural disaster-driven third season, while others felt that it misused its characters and flooded the series with melodramatic subplots and poor pacing.

Those opinions meet, marry, and collide over on the "Virgin River" Subreddit, where a big chunk of the show's fans gather to discuss recent news and plot threads connected to the show.

Unsurprisingly, while some fans excitedly rave about what the show has done, others found Season 3 to be that most dreaded of all critical appellations: boring. Why did fans feel that way about the third season of "Virgin River" and did it have anything to do with how the show presented Mel and Jack's ongoing romantic travails?

Did Virgin River's third season lack chemistry?

Reddit user u/Cirrus1920 found themselves stuck on the fourth episode of the third season. "It just seems like there is no story line... I don't know. Jack and Mel have no more chemistry." They wondered if Jack and Mel getting together at the beginning of that season was what kept them from becoming fully invested in the season's plot. u/lovemoonsaults agreed, saying the season "was slow and lacked a lot of progression." u/whiskeyandwine echoed their thoughts, calling the third season "a hot mess."

Other fans had much more pungent comments about Season 3. "Everybody did a bunch of stuff their characters would never do," wrote u/kikioreekee. They disagreed with the treatment of the women on the show, adding, "And that isnt [sic] even the worst of it."

On the other hand, u/lenorenny defended the show's choices, pointing out that the season was filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. "COVID added a lot of stress to people even if they didn't directly get sick," they wrote. "So maybe that is a reason why it lacked passion, both the actors and the writers."

u/Kreddit762668 thinks that the intensity of the third season might ultimately help build Season 4 up into a more intense show. "There's more drama and complications as 3 goes on," they point out. Finally u/Eleouise37 had the ultimate response to these sorts of quibbles:  "Anyway, it's a matter of perception I guess. Maybe you try another show."

Fans will find out if "Virgin River" perks up when the show returns for its fourth season.