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Fans Of The Outpost Just Got The Worst News Ever

Today is a sad day for fans of original fantasy properties on TV. 

"The Outpost" is the dark fantasy show on The CW that premiered in 2018. Created by Kynan Grifin and Jason Faller, the series follows Talon (Jessica Green), the last member of a race of magic-users called the Blackbloods. The show begins when Talon comes of age and embarks on a quest for revenge, along with her best friend Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochia), against the people who wiped out her village. Eventually, she winds up at The Outpost, where she meets an exiled queen, Lady Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse), hoping to unite her people and defeat a rising tide of religious fanaticism.

Talon and Janzo have come a long way since Season 1. Lady Gwynn has since died, leaving Talon to take the crown in her place. This transpires just when the powerful and mysterious gods called The Seven return to the Green World, and tell Talon that she is the daughter of the goddess Aster. That sets the stage for Talon's final conflict between her loyalties to her people and her true nature. 

The last time The CW ordered more episodes of "The Outpost" was in October 2020, just before the Season 3 premiere. However, The CW considered those 13 additional episodes to still be part of Season 3, not an official fourth season — although some sources do describe it that way (via ComicBook.com). Whatever you want to call it, the current season of "The Outpost" will be the last. 

The Outpost won't be getting another season

As reported by Deadline, The CW has decided to cancel "The Outpost." 

The decision comes as "The Outpost" has been experiencing an overall decline in viewership compared with earlier seasons. Season 1 averaged about 680,000 total viewers, (via TV Series Finale), then dropped to 590,000 for Season 2 (via TV Series Finale). The extended third season dropped even lower, to an average of 397,000 viewers, with only one episode topping 500,000 (via TV Series Finale). Overall, it was just the 26th most-watched show on The CW among the 18-49 demographic (via TV Series Finale). That was apparently enough for The CW to pull the plug.

However, there is at least one silver lining: Deadline also announced that the current, super-sized Season 3 will get to conclude its run, with the finale airing on October 7. So, at least fans will get to see all of the existing episodes of "The Outpost," even if they might not tell the whole story.