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Here's Where You Can Watch Blade Runner 2049

There are few sequels that have captivated sci-fi fans, or movie fans in general, the way "Blade Runner 2049" has. Many have argued that Denis Villeneuve's film is even better than its 1982 predecessor, "Blade Runner," which is largely considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all time.

"2049" was not only lauded by fans but critics as well. The movie was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning two for best cinematography and best visual effects. While Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" was nominated for best visual effects and art direction, it failed to take home any Oscars.

In "2049," an opening crawl describes a world much like the original — where replicants are bioengineered humans, designed by Tyrell Corporation for use off-world. "Their enhanced strength made them ideal slave labor," the crawl reads. "After a series of violent rebellions, their manufacture became prohibited and Tyrell Corp went bankrupt. The collapse of ecosystems in the mid-2020s led to the rise of industrialist Niander Wallace, whose mastery of synthetic farming averted famine. Wallace acquired the remains of Tyrell Corp and created a new line of replicants who obey. Many older model replicants—NEXUS 8s with open-ended lifespans—survived. They are hunted down and 'Retired.' Those that hunt them still go by the name... Blade Runner."

"Blade Runner 2049" was released in 2017 but remains one of the most popular sci-fi movies today. Here's where you can watch the dystopian tour-de-force.

You can watch Blade Runner 2049 on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

Villeneuve's neo-noir is currently available to stream, rent, or buy through several different apps. If you'd like to watch for free, the film is being offered by HBO Max for those who have subscriptions. Anyone looking to brush up on Ridley Scott's original can find "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" on HBO Max, as well as Netflix. 

Apple TV and Google Play Movies have "Blade Runner 2049" available to rent for $3.99 or buy for $14.99, and there are plenty of other apps where you can purchase or rent the film, including Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Hulu. The original "Blade Runner" can also be purchased on various apps. It's unclear how long the films will be streaming for. 

And as always, people who want to own actual physical copies can find Blu-Ray and DVDs at various stores such as Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart.