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Things Fans Want Most Added To Universal's Wizarding World

In 2010, Universal Studios made theme park history when it opened the revolutionary Wizarding World of Harry Potter based on the bestselling young adult series by J.K. Rowling. Such an incredible level of detail and immersion went into the creation of the magical theme park land that for arguably the first time, comparisons could be drawn with the long-time king of the industry, Disney World.

In the years since, Universal has not let up on its devotion to the intellectual property of the boy wizard and instead has kept its foot firmly on the gas. After their rendition of Hogsmeade came Diagon Alley, followed by Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, and now all signs are pointing to the addition of yet another "Harry Potter" attraction in the future. As the profits keep flowing in, Universal has shown it has no problem with investing heavily in what J.K. Rowling created.

To say that "Harry Potter" enthusiasts have benefited from this aggressive theme park construction would be a massive understatement. And with Universal relentlessly expanding the Wizarding World, it has been fun and exciting for die-hard fans to imagine what will come next.

A Hogwarts Castle hotel

One of the most appealing aspects of the "Harry Potter" films was the look of the incredible world the characters lived in, especially in scenes featuring the iconic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So, when Universal Studios essentially recreated the movie sets to offer fans full immersion into the fictional land, it was vital to construct the majestic castle in all its grandeur. The first Wizarding World at Hogsmeade displays the spectacular Hogwarts Castle from the outside, and it continues to awe visitors to this day.

But before long, fans wanted to see even more of their beloved castle, particularly from within like they did on the silver screen. To many, the ultimate level of immersive experience would be a hotel where guests could actually spend an entire night in one of the four houses — Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. The hotel could even feature distinctive traits of Hogwarts like the moving staircases leading up to the rooms, and the massive, star-studded Great Hall for exclusive dining.

Universal would have to overcome several hurdles to make the Hogwarts hotel happen, including necessary deals not only with J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros., but also with their hotel partner, Loews, says Universal Newscast. However, the company might strongly have to consider taking on those obstacles if the Star Wars hotel of their major rival, Disney, turns out to be a massive success. They'll want something that can compete. Fans would then greatly benefit, once again, from the so-called theme park Golden Age that has resulted from this fierce competition.

The British Ministry of Magic

While the chances that Universal builds a "Harry Potter"-themed hotel may seem slim, a new Wizarding World area is almost guaranteed with the opening of the company's third theme park, Epic Universe. The Ministry of Magic often shown in the "Harry Potter" film series is one of the longest-running and most popular candidates among fans for the next themed location after the opening of Diagon Alley.

Most fans' expectations are conservative considering that the whole area would have to be indoors, but regardless, it's certain the Ministry of Magic would contain an E-ticket attraction worthy of such an iconic location from the films. At first, most rumors had the new land in line to replace the Fear Factor Live building. This was a logical assumption given that the structure is adjacent to Diagon Alley, so the two London locations could exist right next to each other.

On the other hand, more recent rumors say it is likely that the British Ministry of Magic will appear as part of the new Wizarding World in Epic Universe. "Fantastic Beasts" is expected to feature in the next land as well, but since the British version of the Ministry will likely appear in later films in the evolving franchise, it's an even more appealing prospect that's sure to please fans of both the older and newer movies.

A new VR broom-riding attraction

Among the many rumors of what will be built in the next Wizarding World for Epic Universe, one of the most prominent theories suggests a brand new, state-of-the-art ride. Building off the success of the Wizarding World's first major ride, the latest rumored attraction will supposedly be a more advanced simulation of flying on a broomstick than even Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Without a doubt, Forbidden Journey is a superb attraction, but the new VR experience will give die-hard fans the broom-riding thrills they've always wanted.

If the rumors are correct, "Harry Potter" enthusiasts are delighted by the fact that the same technology will be used for this ride that also made The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride so successful. The attraction garnered heaps of praise once it opened at Lionsgate Entertainment World in 2019 and earned the THEA Award from the Themed Entertainment Association. With a VR headset providing mind-blowing visuals as it syncs with the motion of the ride's vehicle, many Wizarding World fanatics are hoping a similar attraction focused on broomstick flight is what Universal has in store for them next.

1920s Parisian streets from Fantastic Beasts

Although not nearly as popular as the "Harry Potter" series, "Fantastic Beasts" also has a strong following, and the Paris setting of the films is an obvious choice for fans who want to see another corner of the detailed world inspired by J.K. Rowling. And concept art released by Universal seems to suggest that Parisian architecture will be a major inspiration for the new Wizarding World land at Epic Universe, says Sunshine State Insider.

Universal will most likely provide "Fantastic Beasts" fans with the ability to shop and dine down the streets of Paris during the 1920s as seen in the second film, "The Crimes of Grindelwald." The recreation could include all sorts of locations from the movie, such as the wizarding district of Place Cachée, the wand shop, Baguettes Magiques de Cosme Acajor, the Gaston McAaron Quidditch shop, and the Monsieur Sanfin cauldron shop. Guests would also get to dine at the pub, the Drinking Griffin, and of course, snack at a wizarding candy store.

The Prison of Azkaban

Of all the areas shown in the original "Harry Potter" series, the notorious Prison of Azkaban is the one fans can't wait to see after Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and the Ministry of Magic. The location would show adult fans the darker side of the Wizarding World, especially if they're not satisfied with the glimpse offered at Knockturn Alley.

Though most rides at Universal aren't meant for very small children, an Azkaban-themed land would be even less kid-friendly, as the Orlando Informer points out. The Dementors are one of the more frightening aspects of the Forbidden Journey ride, and the wizarding prison would be swarming with the grim creatures. Not to mention that Azkaban is isolated in the middle of the perilous, raging waves of the North Sea. But if Universal could pull it off, such a themed area would not only be a hit among "Harry Potter" followers, but also would probably earn respect from horror fans as well.

The French Ministry of Magic and the Floo network

Along with the Parisian streets, the other major location that fans would want to see from the "Fantastic Beasts" films is the Ministry of Magic in France, which would undoubtedly be a treat based on its elegant appearance on the silver screen. Since the entire area would have to be indoors, there would be much less available space, but that certainly wouldn't lessen its appeal to fans.

According to Orlando ParkStop, one of the most intriguing rumors involving the likely inclusion of the Ministry in Paris is that Universal might connect the location to its counterpart in the UK. To do this, they'd have to include another part of the Wizarding World that is deeply cherished by fans: the Floo network, which would simulate the exhilarating experience of teleporting through a fireplace from one Ministry to the other.

Although there are other rides rumored to be in the French Ministry, such as an attraction similar to the Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios, die-hard "Harry Potter" fans would love the authenticity and excitement of a genuine Floo network experience.

More food and drink options

If you've had the pleasure of visiting the Wizarding World you know that, as too-good-to-be-true as it sounds, the selection of food and beverages is almost as good as the catalogue of amazing attractions. Butterbeer has been a huge success at Universal Studios, as well as the experience of feasting in recreations of haunts like The Leaky Cauldron and Hog's Head, so there is a lot of anticipation for what the culinary teams will come up with next.

According to Marketplace, the sales of Butterbeer have been so high that working on variations of the popular drink, which contains no allergens and was tested by J.K. Rowling herself, has become a top priority for Universal. It is not known exactly which directions the culinary team will take this project, but it doesn't have to be complicated: Even adding simple variations or flavor additions, like vanilla and chocolate versions, would most likely lead to a renewed surge in purchases of the delicious beverage.

A Shrieking Shack walk-through

Before Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure replaced the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, a Shrieking Shack walk-through-style attraction was a popular option for fans who wanted to explore more of the area around Hogsmeade. In fact, many have suspected over the years that the Wizarding World will eventually finish devouring the remaining parts of the original Lost Continent land that used to take up the whole section of the park, slowly populating it with "Harry Potter" locations. This would leave more than enough room for the haunted house-like attraction and would certainly be an upgrade to the outdated Poseidon's Fury walk-through that's there today.

Similar to the Prison of Azkaban, the Shrieking Shack would be another attraction that would please both "Harry Potter" and horror fans alike. The creepy house situated on the outskirts of Hogsmeade was the site where Remus Lupin made his horrific transformations into a werewolf, and is supposedly haunted in the lore as well.

A Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson

Before Universal secured the rights to the "Harry Potter" series, J.K. Rowling almost made a deal with Disney instead in 2004. Although the two parties did not end up reaching an agreement, Disney had already done some prep work. One of the attractions the company was planning to build for their version of the Wizarding World was a Dark Arts-based ride where guests could use their wands to fire at hostile wizards and magical threats in the setting of a lesson gone wrong during a Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Fans of both Disney World and "Harry Potter" would probably love for Universal to resurrect this forgotten idea for their own Wizarding World expansions. Inside the Magic suggests that a Universal version of the attraction could instead be an interactive show at specific times during the day — which would certainly have its perks as a more family-oriented and flexible option that could feature throughout the parks.

A Care of Magical Creatures petting zoo

The Disney version of the Wizarding World was designed to be rather small and would not have been its own themed land, but rather included as part of Fantasyland with one small restaurant and two attractions. Given the series' explosion in popularity, it's rather funny, in retrospect, how the Mouse House was so conservative with the "Harry Potter" intellectual property. Aside from the Darks Arts class, the only other major idea Disney had for its attractions was a magical creatures-based walk-through in an interactive petting zoo, according to AllEars.

Especially for the fans who want to see more of the "Fantastic Beasts" series incorporated into the Universal parks, a magical creatures zoo is a great option that everyone could enjoy, even kids. So while they didn't get the deal, Disney provided some useful ideas: Both the zoo and Dark Arts class would be appreciated by fans who think family attractions are sorely lacking at Universal relative to the Mouse House.

A Whomping Willow spinner ride

After the Shrieking Shack walk-through, another Hogsmeade-themed attraction that has often been rumored is a Whomping Willow spinner flat ride for all ages. This would be yet another popular option for families with small children. Since the majority of "Harry Potter" fans are millennials, the flat ride idea may not come to mind to the broader fanbase at first but would still be an excellent addition to the Wizarding World.

The attraction would function perfectly as the narrative entrance to the Shrieking Shack as well, securely tying the whole area together. Both features would finally put the Lost Continent out of its misery and give "Harry Potter" fanatics every Hogsmeade sight they've been yearning to see in person all these years. And with the only attraction at the eroding themed area, Poseidon's Fury, currently closed, it is a matter of when, not if, the Lost Continent will be replaced.

The Trial of Fenrir Greyback

Back in 2017, paperwork was discovered for a patent Universal filed for an intriguing new concept called a "moving puzzle theater." Unsurprisingly, many fans immediately linked the unique attraction idea with the Wizarding World expansions. The fascinating concept involves separate seating sections that can move in all sorts of directions but are connected to a central hub, or stage.

On the Inside Universal forums that are well-known for their insider and die-hard fan rumors — which often prove pretty accurate — one popular idea for the story of the moving puzzle show is the trial of the infamous werewolf Fenrir Greyback. The best part of this idea is that it would constitute Universal's version of the former Disney ride ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, a hugely successful hit among thrill-seekers in the past. So, an attraction like this has the potential to be a success among both "Harry Potter" enthusiasts and nostalgic Disney fans, along with providing another year-long thrills-oriented attraction to please the loyal Halloween Horror Nights crowd.

The Triwizard Tournament

The Triwizard Tournament is one of the most critical events from the books and movies that has not yet been featured at the theme parks. So, along with locations like the Ministry of Magic and Azkaban, fans would love to see this tournament incorporated in a much more substantial way by Universal. And perhaps most importantly, an attraction based on the event could showcase another climatic confrontation with the series' main villain, Voldemort.

Another interesting aspect to The Triwizard Tournament is that so many scenes from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" could be depicted, which would create the opportunity to combine different styles of attractions into one. For example, in place of the average queue line, the beginning of the tournament attraction could be a maze-like walk-through, leading up to the climax on a ride vehicle. The numerous possibilities make the wizarding event another top option on "Harry Potter" fans' Universal wish lists.

A Knight Bus ride

Before entering Diagon Alley at Universal Studios in Florida, guests have the pleasure of seeing the huge, triple-decker Knight Bus in person. According to Universal Orlando, this iconic purple vehicle is actually one of the two real props used for the film "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Inside, fans can see firsthand the decorations and seating used in the movie, along with various props, even including the talking shrunken head.

Fans certainly enjoy the experience of seeing the real-life Knight Bus, especially for photo ops, and undoubtedly appreciate its cameo on the Hogwarts Express train ride. However, many are left wanting more, since the frenetic bus riding scene is such a fun part of the movie. Like the potential Gyrosphere ride for Jurassic World, the specifics of the ride vehicle and the broad outline of the adventure are already clearly laid out by the source material, leaving many fans to wonder what Universal is waiting for.