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What Is The Song From The Lexus 'A Different Frontier' Commercial?

A delirium of muted vocal chops builds impossibly, then gives way to a stuttering, Flume-esque saw chord atop a thrusting kick drum. A voiceover informs us about some Lexus cars (that they would really like you to buy) and we see a suave-looking, sexy man driving one of them. But let's be honest — our focus is on that sweet, sweet jam. Sorry, Lexus, but all that talk about safety features is making it difficult to Shazam this song (however great a good song pairing can be for a commercial).

While plenty of people may be interested in buying the same kind of car that this sexy man was paid to drive in the commercial, plenty of others just want to know where they can hear that song in the background, preferably sans the ad voiceover. As it turns out, the song is by a popular EDM artist with a long history in the music business that extends far beyond commercial spots to major festivals, collaborations, and mentoring newer artists. Here's the scoop on that earworm of a tune.

The song is 'Quartzz' by KRANE and Jupe

The song in that Lexus commercial is "Quartzz" by KRANE and Jupe. The ethereal sound defining it, specifically that lead saw chord, places it within a subgenre of EDM known as future bass. KRANE is widely known for his mastery of that and other genres, and he has been releasing music since 2014. Since then, he has had a whirlwind of a career, playing some of the biggest electronic music festivals in the country, including Hard Summer and Electric Forest.

KRANE — born Zachary Krane — has worked with fellow EDM artists such as TOKiMONSTA and Ekali, as well as with more mainstream staples of contemporary music like Anderson.Paak and J. Cole. "Quartzz" is a cut off his 2017 collaboration tape, "SESSIONS," the first in a series of albums on which KRANE collaborates with another artist on each track. Jupe, the other artist on the song, is a relatively lesser-known producer, with "Quartzz" being his breakout hit.