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The Scene In AHS: Double Feature Episode 4 That Had Fans Fuming

"American Horror Story" isn't afraid to upset its fans, whether it be by killing off beloved characters, pushing the envelope too far, or treating its characters cruelly. Season 10, titled "Double Feature," is the latest entry to the anthology franchise, and it's quickly established itself as biting (literally) with its blood-thirsty, self-obsessed characters and their quests towards stardom.

Episode 4 titled "Blood Buffet" unravels the backstories of Belle Noir (Frances Conroy), a gifted but unsuccessful erotica writer, and Austin Sommers (Evan Peters), an aspiring playwright who moonlights as an uninspired drag queen named Patty O'Furniture. It also offers a glimpse at The Chemist (Angelica Ross) and the mysterious black pills she doles out, plus what happens to those who aren't talented enough to see positive results from the dosage.

The residents and tourists of Provincetown are admittedly not the most friendly bunch, but one exchange between characters particularly rubbed fans the wrong way.

Belle Noir's husband had it coming

Before she was a pretentious literary sensation, Belle Noir was in an unhappy marriage with Ray Cunningham (Jim Ortlieb), a resentful, unsupportive man. After taking the Muse, she stays up all night writing her next book. He returns to their hotel room in the morning, and she eagerly shows him what she wrote. "You didn't write this!" he exclaims. She protests, to which he snides, "You couldn't have — it's good."

"He read less than a page and says it's not her writing?" u/ron9101 said on the show's subreddit, receiving 240 upvotes and several comments agreeing. "Dude Fck off!"

"I figured he didn't even know how to read, let alone know what good writing was," retorted another user. Others applauded her for killing him and drinking his blood. "During his first scene I...wanted him to be someone's dinner lmao," said u/Hasslefry.

However, one Redditor offered a slight defense for how quickly he scanned her writing. "I mean, she could have an identifiable writing style, but he's still a jack****," said u/Lostkaiju1990. "Of course, it's not like they are really going to cover how the two of them got to this point, so there's always the possibility that her writing has caused this divide somewhere down the line."

Either way, most "Double Feature" fans agreed that her cheating husband got what he deserved.