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Fictional Band Mouse Rat From Parks And Recreation Is Burning Up The Actual Charts

Before he was saving the world as "Star-Lord" on Marvel's extravagant dime, Chris Pratt made a name for himself as the affable simpleton Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation" alongside castmates such as Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. As a character, Andy had a penchant for dress-up, creating aliases for himself such as FBI agent Burt Macklin. But many fans agree that some of Andy's standout moments came when he formed a band known as "Mouse Rat."

Mouse Rat played the Pawnee Unity Concert and the Pawnee Battle of the Bands on the beloved TV show. They have entertained the senior citizens and Valentine's day galas of Pawnee alike. Andy even coached a kids' basketball team on which he bestowed the band's name. Now, in a move that has delighted "Parks and Rec" fans tired of rewatching old episodes, Mouse Rat has left the realm of fiction and sprung onto the charts.

Mouse Rat dropped an album that you can now listen to

The self-billed "greatest band in Pawnee" is now on streaming platforms with their debut, "The Awesome Album." The LP includes fan-favorite tunes from "Parks and Rec," such as "5,000 Candles In The Wind (Bye Bye Lil' Sebastian)." Some of Andy's old collaborators are back, too, including Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) erstwhile saxophone-playing alter-ego, Duke Silver.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the album has already racked up enough plays to hit the No. 2 spot on Billboard's comedy album charts, pushing up against Bo Burnham's virtuoso tour de force, "Inside," which has dominated the category for 13 weeks as of this writing. "The Awesome Album" has also broken through to No. 11 on the Heatseekers charts and across all genres, it ranks at an impressive No. 17 on Top Album Sales. Indeed, a quick glance at the album's Spotify page confirms that hundreds of thousands of people are tuning in for the musical shenanigans of Andy and friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a Paunch Burger with a child-sized soda and crank up some Mouse Rat.