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Guardians Of The Galaxy Won't Lose Their Humor In Avengers: Infinity War

A fresh flick doesn't mean the galaxy-saving team will be any less funny.

In an interview with /Film's Ben Pearson, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt discussed how the Guardians will fare in the upcoming superhero film Avengers: Infinity War.

As Pearson noted, Pratt has only ever played Peter Quill, better known as Star-Lord, working from writer/director James Gunn's scripts. Acting within the Stephen Markus and Christopher McFeely-penned Infinity War story was quite different to what Pratt has become accustomed to, but he revealed that the final product is the same Star-Lord we all know and love.

"The end result is exactly the same because no matter who's writing it, there's a process of making it authentic to myself that every bit of dialogue and action is going to have to go through," Pratt explained. "With James [Gunn], it's innate. He writes dialogue that I would improv. And when I say 'improv,' I don't just mean 'joke.' I mean taking ownership of the role, colloquializing, making stuff my own. Making it mine. I always make it mine. Even when it's James's, and I'm saying exactly what he's written, I'm making it mine. So, at the end of the day, the result is exactly the same—it's just a slightly different way of getting there."

Infinity War will be new territory not only for Pratt, but for the entire Guardians team as well. But despite the change, Pratt assured fans that the group's signature humor is here to stay. He explained that though the Guardians are a supporting team in Infinity War, they definitely aren't "small parts" and that the tone of the film is authentic to the group of goofballs.

"We have great stuff that we're doing in [Infinity War]. It's really fun," Pratt said. "It's very, very Guardians. It's our tone, it's our voices. And I felt like on the day, although it was the Russo brothers directing, James is executive producing, [and] he and Kevin [Feige] are having a conversation... there were zero egos involved, it felt like."

It certainly seems that the Guardians will be major players in Infinity War. And even though Gunn isn't at the forefront of the upcoming flick, it'll maintain the charming, witty tone audiences adore.

Fans can catch the Guardians in action when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 releases on May 5, long before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters in May 2018. While we attempt to wait patiently to see both films, find out how the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it is changing.