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A Cop Movie - What We Know So Far

Somehow, "A Cop Movie" hasn't been used as a mainstream film title before, but now a motion picture with that name will finally hit theaters. Originally premiering as part of the Berlin International Film Festival lineup in March, the Mexican action docudrama "A Cop Movie" will be arriving soon on Netflix.

"A Cop Movie" is directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios. Per his IMDb, Ruizpalacios is best known for films such as "Gueros," an activist coming-of-age story, and the true-crime heist comedy "Museo," which co-starred Gael García Bernal. So far, early reviews for his newest work have been excellent, though only nine articles are cited on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment. Notably, Little White Lies praised "A Cop Movie" as "a serious, socially conscious cop movie with a playful postmodern twist."

When will the new Ruizpalacios pic be released? Which actors will show up in the intriguingly titled feature? Here's everything we know about the upcoming Netflix feature film "A Cop Movie."

What is the release date of A Cop Movie?

According to Polygon's report on Netflix's upcoming fall schedule, the streamer is preparing to release "A Cop Movie" on November 5. The film is finished, so there's no need to do anything else except market it and create some buzz before it comes out.

It makes sense for Netflix to ensure viewers have "A Cop Movie" available to stream just in time for the upcoming holidays. But it's also very likely a strategic date chosen for maximum visibility at the beginning of awards season. The last three months of the year are usually when nominations for the Oscars and other awards shows are announced. As such, "A Cop Movie" may be held up as a potential best foreign film entry by Netflix. It also seems like a smart movie to release now in the wake of protests against police. A lot of media is trying to engage with this topic, including the last season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Overall, there doesn't seem like a better time to release "A Cop Movie."

Who is in the cast of A Cop Movie?

So far, only two cast members are listed on the IMDb page for "A Cop Movie": Raúl Briones, who plays Montoya, and Mónica Del Carmen, who plays Teresa. Both actors are primarily known for their work in Mexican film and television, but Del Carmen also had a small role in the 2006 film "Babel" as Lucia (via IMDb).

According to Indiewire's review of the film, the actual people on whom Briones and Del Carmen's characters are based also appear in "A Cop Movie" through voiceover as the actors perform a fictional version of their story. Other characters from "A Cop Movie" have been mentioned in press about the movie, including Teresa's father, so it's likely more information will come out about the cast with the release of the film on Netflix. This means we'll have to wait until November for any other cast updates.

What is the plot of A Cop Movie?

"A Cop Movie" is a mix of documentary and narrative fiction. The Netflix press site for the movie reveals the narrative side of the plot, explaining, "Following family tradition, Teresa and Montoya join the police force, only to find their convictions and hopes crushed by a dysfunctional system. Their emotional bond becomes a refuge for the hostility they are exposed to." The trailer for "A Cop Movie," which arrived in early September (via YouTube), teases exactly how Alonso Ruizpalacios blends those genres to tell a compelling story.

Indiewire's review of the Mexican feature elaborates on the plot. Per the outlet, at the center of "A Cop Story" are two officers: veteran Teresa (Del Carmen), whose father is a retired officer, and Montoya (Briones), a cop whose brother left the force long ago. At first, Teresa and Montoya are partners, but they eventually fall in love. Their romance is challenged by the limits of the institution they work in, as well as their own choices. The actors reenact key scenes from real life, while the actual people who inspired "A Cop Movie" provide voiceover commentary. Indiewire's review also reveals that Ruizpalacios deliberately holds back on the twists within the greater story, which means there's more to this genre-defining story than meets the eye.

We'll find out what the story of "A Cop Movie" holds in store when it comes out in November on Netflix.