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The AHS: Double Feature Episode 3 Detail That Makes No Sense To Fans

This article contains spoilers for the third episode of "American Horror Story: Double Feature: Red Tide."

Things are getting creepier and creepier over on "American Horror Story: Double Feature" as the 10th season's first part, "Red Tide," continues. Not only has Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock) given in to temptation and the mysterious "Muse" pill, his daughter Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) has also taken it in an attempt at becoming a master violinist. While the pill has enhanced their already prodigious talents, both father and daughter are now suffering from a nonstop craving for blood. The twosome finds themselves caught up in a spiraling need to feed as the episode goes on; they then become the targets of The Chemist (Angelica Ross), the manufacturer of the Muse, for making life in Provincetown a hair too complicated for her liking.

But something else happened during the third episode, entitled "Thirst," which makes no sense to the ever-dedicated viewers watching the show and reporting their thoughts and feelings over on the "American Horror Story" subreddit. Which detail has them shaking their heads?

What is Harry thinking?

Harry has not exactly become a bastion of good sense and forethought as the Muse corrupts his value system, but u/Dirty_Priestess pointed out his total lack of responsibility and forethought when it came to Alma's safety. "Bruh your kid is like, 9. Maybe tell her she's not allowed to do drugs and maybe don't feed her junkie blood," they said. 

u/recovering_spaz called out the levels of bad parenting going on as well, especially in relation to Harry's feeding Alma the blood of drug addicts in soup form — junkies he killed, naturally, to feed them both. More to the point, the lore established over "Red Tide's" first couple of episodes has shown characters such as Belle (Frances Conroy) getting high off of the blood of characters who have consumed drugs. That's not only dangerous for a 9-year-old; it might also quickly lead to her death.

Speaking of Belle and her paramour, Austin (Evan Peters), readers have noticed that they have rapidly emerged as the only thoughtful adults in the whole situation. u/Alicat2911 expressed their "amazement" that Austin and Belle were the only ones to call Harry out about his choices and show concern about Alma's being turned by the Muse. We'll see if that concern holds when the fourth episode of "Red Tide" airs on September 8.