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AHS Fans Already Have A Theory For The Rest Of Double Feature

The first part of "American Horror Story: Double Feature," called "Red Tide," has centered itself around a mysterious pill called "The Muse" which causes all that consume it to crave hot blood and raw flesh, developing some vampire-like characteristics. If you are naturally talented, the side benefit of popping a Muse is enhanced capability and skill level. If you have no talent at all, you become The Pale. The Pale roam the graveyards and streets of Provincetown night and day, murdering indiscriminately, all sense of humanity completely erased from their visages as they take big bites out of road kill — unfortunate human beings and stray animals. 

With disquiet settling over the story's main characters like a thick sheet of fog, there's no telling where the rest of the tale will go before turning its timeslot over to "Death Valley," the desert-set second half of the season. It leaves plenty of room for speculation by the show's avid fanbase. Like The Pale, members of American Horror Story's Subreddit are forever starved, mainly for fresh theories and new information regarding the show, – so it's not surprising that they already have some theories as to what might happen over the next three episodes of "Red Tide."  Where do they think the show's taking them?

Does The Muse really make you a vampire?

"I don't think they're vampires," posted u/Due-Establishment565. They point out that the characters' bloodlust seems to be temporary, dependent upon taking the pill. If they stop, the characters' craving for blood seems to dissipate — but so does their skill level. Several other members agreed with u/Due-Establishment565 and don't think that The Pale are vampires, either. Such a theory doesn't explain how The Pale end up becoming mindless, physically warped, ever-hungry creatures while the more luckily talented such as Austin Sommers (Evan Peters) and Belle (Frances Conroy) can apparently stop taking the Muse and go back to life as normal in New York, Los Angeles and other points west during the summer months. 

Are they lying to Harry about The Muse's side effects? Telling the truth about The Pale? Is natural talent the ultimate dividing line between the hapless and the fortunate? We'll have to see what "Red Tide" has to offer.