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What Is AHS Ensemble Actor Matthew Morrison Doing Now?

The FX anthology series "American Horror Story" is known for its recurring cast of fan-favorite actors, but many new faces have joined the ever-expanding franchise in recent years.

Matthew Morrison joined the cast in the slasher-inspired supernatural ninth season, "1984." His character, Trevor Kirchner, is a workout enthusiast with an impressive mustache, short-shorts, and BDE that isn't just metaphorical. Trevor's one of the few Camp Redwood staff members to escape the initial attack. He goes on to live as a cocaine-fueled sugar baby but is later killed on the haunted campgrounds and trapped there as a ghost.

Like many of his fellow "American Horror Story" co-stars, Morrison was on another Ryan Murphy production. He starred as Will Schuester on the Fox comedy-drama "Glee." He didn't return for "Double Feature," but with the series renewed for an additional three seasons, he may pop up once again.

So, what has Matthew Morrison been up to since "1984"?

A new musical venture

Since his time at Camp Redwood came to an end, Matthew Morrison has kept a relatively low profile. The actor and his wife Renee welcomed their second child on June 28 — a daughter named Phoenix Monroe. Morrison shared the happy news to Instagram, writing, "I absolutely love being a Father all over again. I'm so grateful for the moments I have to hold my daughter!"

Before his daughter was born, Morrison produced and starred in the lead role in "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical." With a Broadway background and six seasons' worth of musical numbers on "Glee," it wasn't a surprising move. However, one source of inspiration for the character is quite the surprise. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Morrison revealed that he "took a lot from Joaquin Phoenix's performance in 'Joker'" to create a "carefree and raw" dancing style for the Grinch.

The Christmas special mainly received negative reviews, but Morrison was happy to be performing again. "I feel like the theater community needs this, to sit back and enjoy something that does feel live-ish," he told EW, calling it a "beautiful way to blend television and theater."