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We Finally Know When 1000-Lb Sisters Will Return

2020 saw the arrival of "1000-lb Sisters" on TLC, putting the lives of siblings Tammy and Amy Slaton on small screens across the globe. As fans watched the two sisters embark on a challenging weight loss journey, they became heavily invested in their personal lives and made it clear that they wanted more. The network and the reality-TV stars obliged, giving audiences a second season in early 2021, providing the world with an update on their progress and plenty of entertaining moments between the two at the same time.

Season 2 of "1000-lb Sisters" wrapped up in early March of 2021 after only 10 episodes, with the Slatons' half-brother, Chris Combs, now also a focal point of the program. Amy is now a mom, giving birth to her son Gage at the tail-end of the season, and Tammy survived a lengthy case of COVID-19 — being hospitalized for some time because of it. These life changes, coupled with the sisters' continued commitment to losing weight, are a lot to handle and left no shortage of questions in viewers' minds as to where their story is going next.

Thankfully, we've finally gotten an exciting update as to when we can plan on "1000-lb Sisters" coming back for its third season.

Get ready to kick off 2022 with the Slaton family

As reported by TV Season & Spoilers, an interaction between Tammy Slaton and a fan on social media has confirmed when "1000-lb Sisters" will return to the airwaves. Following the same pattern as the two seasons that came before it, Season 3 is set to debut in January of 2022, though the exact day and for how many episodes are currently unknown. Tammy, Amy, and Chris will both be back, in addition to Amy's husband, Michael Halterman. Of course, it's a safe bet that the now-months old Gage will make an appearance here and there as well.

When it comes to what this season will entail, little has been made public, but it's pretty much a given that a handful of subjects will be covered to some extent. First and foremost, we can almost certainly expect news on Tammy and Amy's weight loss and perhaps even a bit of what Chris is going through too. Amy and Michael's responsibilities as parents are likely to take center stage, and, as TV Season & Spoilers posits, Tammy's new relationship could get some airtime now and again.

The premiere of "1000-lb Sisters" is a mere few months away at the time of this writing, and the updates it'll provide about the Slaton family are more than welcome.